Anyway i can make my Dh better?

Demon Hunter
Help please thanks!
A couple things I notice are, complete the Unhallowed Essence set and lose the RORG then try for an ancient 2 hand crossbow or bow and a dead mans legacy, once you have those work on getting the bastion of will ring set with sockets and a CHC or CHD roll or both , The UH and bastion of will sets go together really well and your damage will skyrocket.

The Krider is not very good and it's to bad because its so freaking rare. I am using a 1 hand crossbow because i can't get a 2 hand bow or cross bow to drop.

Start with that, once you get those items you will be doing so much better.

also start running low level greater rifts to level your legendary gems bane of the trapped , Zei's stone of vengeance and Ice blink, once those are level 25 it will help a lot, if you want you can add me and we can run together. good luck
keep farming for the shoulder first, while at the same time keep rolling the 7%damage on your weapon to 10%

and then once you have the shoulder, ditch the rorg rings and amulet. I would resort to traveler pledge / compass rose combo for now until you get hauntof vaxo/hellfire and focus / restraint (still in the process of finding one myself)

i would suggest on getting a different kind of quiver. DML if you are going to do multishot arsenal.

and also keep in mind, to always try to get elemental damage modifier on your gear. preferable on bracers, amulet, rings?

for helmet, unless you are running slow ball lightning, roll out +elemental arrow to multishot.

and since you have no Crit on helmet, i would roll that skill modifier to 6% crit chance

if you are running a multishot UE, that important is your burst DPS. the higher the better.
and stack RCR (resource cost reduction)

you might want to consider running with dual Xbow instead. ancient danetta is great with mutishot UE so far. so i would aim for that.

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