Stuck at GR49 (seasons) DelRasha build

Hello all,

I'm having the hardest time breaking into the 50's and I'm at a complete loss as to why.

During PTR I was able to complete 50-52 regularly, but now it doesn't seem to want to be nice to me at all.

I'm running the DMO/Tal's hybrid.
I've tried Cold, Fire, and now Lightning as my primary damage.
I've tried several different skill combinations. (Mirror Images, Hydra, Meteor)
When I use the same build I was running on the PTR, I can't beat GR46...../confused?..and the only difference between then and now would be paragon points and an ancient Sun Keeper.

I currently have an ancient SS equipped, but have an ancient Devastator and ancient AW as well.
Have tried all 3 of them, but just can't break 50.
I also have an ancient Sun Keeper, but need a gift before I can use it.

I've seen several posts here lately about folks throwing on their DMO gear to make the hybrid and clearing 51-54 like it was child's play, and that makes me feel even worse.

The gems I normally use are Trapped, Zei's and Toxin, but I've been messing around with Gizzard and Moratorium lately, just to see.

My biggest issue seems to be damage to the RG. It just seems like I don't deal enough damage to it.

Any ideas about how to increase single target damage?
Yes, I'm aware DelRasha isn't as powerful as full Tal's, but it better suits my play style.
don't play delrasha
Meteor boots --->Delsere Boots
Delsere Helm ---> Tal Helm
Tal Gloves---> Taskers

And try again.

But if you don't want to give up delsere's to get focus+restraint then the only avenue to more damage is better affix rolls, more paragon, and high level gems.
05/04/2015 11:39 AMPosted by Balthazar23

Yes, I'm aware DelRasha isn't as powerful as full Tal's, but it better suits my play style.


Can do 51 with this build and sub-par gear. (ancient devastator, everything else not optimal)
So..the funny thing is that I initially started with full Tal's, and loved it....up until about GR45, when ranged mobs started wrecking my face every single rift. (again, this was back during the PTR)

I switched to the hybrid and immediately jumped to GR48 with a heck of a lot more survivability.
I've been hooked ever since.

I've tried straight Tal's again on several occasions and I just can't do it.
Balthazar, this is a classic case of being lulled into a false sense of security.
I feel like this build hasn't been pushed by the right crowd yet. I got tired of searching for an ancient SS so I gave it a spin. I have completed 54 using Delrasha. The weakness of the build is single target/RG dmg, but it is overcome to a point with the huge AOE of the del's bonus. It requires super aggressive play and engaging a ton of monsters at once with slow time (like...A LOT). I hit the RG in my 54 clear with 7:30 on the clear time was in the 14:00s so you can see the issues. While I didn't play it well, I was still able to finish.

I have only been at this build for a few days and I continue to test different combos of CC while trying to squeak out dmg and balance with CDR. I don't see the play style all that much different than Jaetch's mele wiz except there is no stopping...just attack as many things as possible. I have a few nice pieces of gear, but nothing over the top. I am trying out force weapon, mirror images, etc with the open slot. For passive I am trying, glass cannon, evocation, the cool down reduction one as well on my open spot. Unity versus convection on rings.

The other very nice thing about this build is consistency. Much like the DH Nats build (as I have been told buy high Nat clear DHs) is there are not a lot of low 50s rifts that can't be completed. WIth so much CC and AOE not many monsters give any trouble. I did 53 on first crack and 54 took a few tries. I have attempted a handful of 55s and hit the RG with about 3:30...I need more dmg there so I am going back to try and figure that out. Some if it may come down to trying to die less...I die a lot right now.

Anyway, I wouldn't give up and I would be very interested to see how some of the top solo players do with it. It is a ton of fun!!
I don't see the appeal of "delrasha." The dot from bubble is pretty minimal, and you're losing out on F/R or unity+convention
Ignore the trolls telling you to use a different build. That is very unhelpful advice.

While I don't play seasons, I've been playing around with delrasha for a bit and have cleared 51, been pretty close to 52. I don't expect to see delrasha builds in the top 10 on the boards, but I've got no doubt you can make top 100.

It is powerful, and it does offer a great balance between offence and defence. Naturally that means peak DPS is lower, but it's certainly no write off.

I've tried a bunch of different ancient weps with it (GoO, SK, Exarian, devastator) and I think the Dev is the best. Slow attack speed and high fire % really does cause some damage when CoE is on fire element. My bubbles tick for well over 1b on rotation. I dont have an ancient SS, but i also know you dont need one. Hydra is not required. Here are my suggestions:

- drop Point of No Return for Time Warp. Extra deeps and you honestly don't need the extra Cc
- drop Ranslors for Strongarms. As above. Extra deeps.
- use black hole instead of hydra. Will get bonuses from strongarms and groups mobs for meteor procs
- time your CoE meteor procs, especially star pact (arcane). Should be hitting 8b+ on that every rotation, particularly important on RG.

After that, just make sure you keep pushing forward. I use Zeis, Trapped and Toxin. So range and DoT will finish mobs off inside bubbles.

Good luck!
05/04/2015 11:39 AMPosted by Balthazar23
Hello all,I'm having the hardest time breaking into the 50's and I'm at a complete loss as to why.
How do you get into the 50's and your Gems are at level 40? Wizards are too 'squishy' for that level. You need a tank, and the capability is not there for WD or Wiz. I have tried two wizard builds, a SLOW time Wiz and a firebird wiz. I have over 20M toughness and the max I can get with ancient gear is GR 45 :(.
Delrasha is easily able to beat GR upto 54. I myself am stuck at 52, but that's only because I play too casual and I don't have people to farm keys with me. So I have to level each key from roughly 47 which takes time and motivation I don't have. The build itself is capable of doing a lot better than where I am. I'm even using a lower DPS version of Delrasha, which is bjornh his build posted on this forum. I was even using Unity instead of CoE when I came close to beating 52.

I started playing Delrasha because I lacked Ancient wands, so I have no clue how well it works with an Ancient SS and Mammoth Hydra. I can vouch for other builds though. Like the build posted by bjornh and meteor delrasha builds. If all else fails, you could always try the APD/Halo/SS melee build if you want.You probably have all the items.

In any case, I don't feel like I need CDR with a fast attacking weapon. You could try enchanting some of that CDR to other stats. Also, are you actually using unwavering will? I'm constantly on the move with my Delrasha build. Rift Guardians are supposed to require a lot of time though. You should make up for that while clearing trash. I used a Furnace when I almost cleared 52, but I vastly prefer faster weapons. If you don't have a lot of elite damage, just skip most elites and try to pull as much as you can.

I think the biggest strength of Delrasha builds is how consistent they are. They are perfect for people like me who don't have the motivation or infrastructure to farm a lot of keys and who want every rift to be beatable. However, their solid mix of offense and defense usually means lower DPS ceiling. So it can be challenging to break through the 50 limit simply because it's already close to its DPS ceiling, unlike the builds used to clear rifts above 55.
Given the issues with the RG and the current state of my gear, I'm experimenting with using the low AP rune of Ray of Frost as my cold skill. The obvious advantage is that once I'm down to a single RG (or a well grouped elite pack or whatever), I can do a lot of channeled damage into a CCed target while my mammoth hydras are spitting and my bubble is bubbling. The disadvantage is having to stand and channel, but with PONR's 3 second stun followed by the 80% slow that's an eternity in which to do some damage. I've beaten 49 and am working on higher levels right now.

Incidentally, it's kind of nice that Slow Time can cast and do damage partially through closed doors.
@RayFinkle - Here's yet another story that makes me sad, and envious at the same time.

@SkinkyAidy - Trolls are fine, they don't bother me. I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been more. As for the build changes you suggested, I've tried those as well. The cool down on BH is just too awkward for me, so my rotation gets all mucked up, and I end up maxing out at 46-47. My non-season Wiz is using BH and I stopped at 46 (which was a struggle). Haven't tried to go higher because S3 started and I wanted to focus on the ET bracers, since that's what worked for me during the PTR.

@abb1 - During the PTR, my gems were lvl 30 and I was doing 50+, so gem level isn't too much of a priority for me. (maybe that's part of my issue, maybe not) Since I'm consistently stuck at 49, I've just been leveling all of my gems to 40...even the ones I'll probably never use.

@Ivonbeton - You were one of the folks that made me sad as well (IIRC). And bjorhn's post actually made me happy, until I couldn't achieve the same results....:'-(

@ThreeStars - I haven't tried any channeling spells. I may do that. And I also love the fact you can kill things through the doors with bubble.

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