Guardian of the Trove - a true Tank

LON fire bombardment Tank


"When Akkhan and his holy warriors begun the final crusade, he decided that all the sacred treasures of the order be left behind and secured upon a hidden shrine in Kehjistan for safe keeping. The protection of these treasures was of paramount importance but he could not spare many men for this task, so Akkhan chose the eldest of his warriors and granted him the honor of staying in solitude until the end of his days to keep the treasure safe.
One of his own brethren, displeased by Akkhans choice, saw an opportunity to prove him wrong and decided to come back with a small army to seize the holy bunker and claim the treasure, disgracing the old man in the face of history.
However, he and his rebels found the man to be the hardest living defender the Order had ever known. They crashed against him like water on stone and perished at the very doorstep of the bunker, giving birth to the legend of the Guardian of the Trove.
From that day on, the word spread of the crusader who had mastered the art of perfect defense. He was said to be powerful enough to stand completely surrounded by enraged foes and not only resist them, but also dispatch them all without raising a finger. Some say this is impossible, others admit he could have found the way to channel his natural strength through a particular armor piece found in the depths of the chamber..."

The Guardian of the Trove is the tank of all tanks. This build is conceived to explore the limits of toughness for the Crusader, but still be able to deal a decent amount of damage.

Guardians are specially fit for hardcore players, or anyone who feels like not dying....ever.
This build was meant to be tough enough to achieve immortality in torment X (SPECIALLY during extended lag, disconnects, little sister attacks, Cats over keyboard and all other irregular situations) and still be a proficient killer. Not only does he succeed at this, but with some dedication I have taken mine as far as level 60 GR Hardcore Ladder, and killed T13 Ubers with it.

So how does it work?

This build has more to do with items and stats than it has to do with skills. This is both his weakness and strength. Some items are absolutely mandatory, but you have huge flexibility as far as skills go. The Guardian of the Trove revolves around the much underestimated Belt of the Trove. The main idea is to take this item to its maximum potential with the use of Bombardment and the Annihilate rune.

Offensive stats

Critical Hit Damage- REQUIRED This is the most important offensive stat of the build. You have guaranteed 100% critical hit chance, so every CHD improvement turns into flat damage increase.
Strength - REQUIRED A no brainer, and your second best friend.
+% Bombardment damage - REQUIRED get this on your shoulders and chest!
+% Fire skill damage - REQUIRED get at least 35% of this stat.
Damage against elites- Desirable stat for this build. Bombardment is a natural mob killer, so this stats fills the gap of its weakness against single targets and bosses.
Cooldown reduction - OPTIONAL This will not help your belt, but it will help you own casting of Bombardment and Akarats champion. A pure Guardian does not waste valuable defensive stats into this.
Critical Hit Chance- NOT NEEDED - this must be 0. CHC is a wasted stat for this build
Attack Speed - NOT NEEDED- Another wasted stat. Avoid it!

Deffensive stats
NOTE: By not needing CHC and AS, this automatically frees up from your offensive items about 10 aditional stat slots for defense!
Life + Life% - Keep a healthy balance between the two and raise them as much as you can.
Resist All - you should have over 1200 resists for every element.
Life Regeneration - This is the third most important stat for this build. Life Regen will be the difference between a close call or certain death so stack it like there is no tomorrow.
Block % - Very important in this build, but the diminishing returns from taking this from slots other than your shield does rarely compensate for the lack of other potential defensive stats like Life% or resist all.
Elite damage reduction - This is a great thing to have.
Melee / ranged damage reduction - Also a desired stat.
Armor- Desirable, but only if all the rest is in good shape.
Life on hit- Not needed; regen life is always better choice for this build.


This is more important than skills and should be listed first:
Belt of the Trove- REQUIRED- This is the main item of the build. It MUST be a 6 second cast delay belt. You can play the build with any belt of the trove but the cast delay greatly improves your killing speed.
The Mortal Drama- REQUIRED- This weapon doubles the meteors from your belt, so it is a flat 100% boost to your damage. Aim for an Ancient version of this weapon with the following stats: 10% enhanced damage, Vitality, Strength and socketed emerald.
Coven's Criterion- REQUIRED- The perfect tanking shield. . That shield gets better the uglier your enemies grow. You can get it from ACtII horadric Caché. Aim for a High block one, and if possible, ancient!
Legacy of Nightmares ring duo- REQUIRED- This is the unquestionable choice for crazy damage and toughness for any non-set build right now.
MageFist gauntlets RECOMMENDED- A reliable source of fire damage, there is no better choice for this slot. Remember to roll 50% CHD and not waste stats in CHC and AS.
Countess Julia's Cameo - RECOMMENDED- A true Guardian does never part from this amulet. This is a life insurance in most disconnection situations in higher torments. The only alternative would be a VERY good Ancestors grace, but it will not help you during a disconnect, and even a Guardian cant stand indefinitely on several stacked T6 arcane sentries without a countess Julia… so you are not immortal without it.
Leorics Crown- RECOMMENDED- The extra life from this helm is crucial for your tankiness. Discard it at your own risk.
Cindercoat-RECOMMENDED- The best choice for your chestpiece. You take no benefit from the fire skill cost reduction, but the +fire damage is very important. Remember to roll bombardmnet damage on this one too. The only alternative is Aquila Cuirass and use something of your choice in the cube, but I recommend Cindercoat on you and Aquila cubed.
Boots of disregard- RECOMMENDED- This are the perfect life-insurance boots. They will raise your life regen to crazy amounts if you stand still, and thats exactly what happens on a disconnection. The best alternative is Ice-Climbers.
Bane of the Powerfull- RECOMMENDED- More Dmg against elites and a boost to your overall killing speed. Socket this into your offhand ring and the 3 leg gems will add up to your Finery passive.
Shoulder pads, and pants- theese are very personal choices. I will only say that Depth Digger pants work very nicely with Punish+roar+a lot of block+a lot of fire dmg, but be free to try others.

Legendary Gems
Esoteric alteration REQUIRED - This Gem is superb for elemental damage mitigation and must be inserted either in your amulet or offhand ring.
Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard REQUIRED - This Gem is your best bet for constant upkeep of passive life regeneration. I know most of you will feel tempted to swith to an offensive one like bane of the trapped, but I insist... take this off and you will become a lot more mortal.
Bane of the Powerful REECOMMENDED - BotP is a great gem for 2 reasons: Lots of damage + Elite Dmg reduction. You can exchange it for a different damage gem but I believe it has no match. Maybe some day Blizz will make us all happy with a fire damage oriented gem of worth.

FURNACE Very important! you DO need single target damage and elite damage
Aquila cuirass Also important, wear it or cube it, but dont ditch this one.
Convention of the elements The damage is just too good to ignore. I can keep my immortal mode ON using this ring + LON up to GR59/60 and still do decent damage. Change it for Rogars, Justice Lantern or Unity and you will be a lot tougher, but your killing speed will suffer.


Heavenly Strength - REQUIRED
Finery- The best passive damage source
Vigilant- This makes you all that much tougher. Besides, all regen life you can get is never too much.
The forth passive is open to personal taste. Lord Commander seems logical, but it does nothing for you during a disconnection or lag; still a usefull passive once you reach insane immortality levels. I would normally stick to true defensive passives like Renewal (ideal on white mob surround situations) or Divine Fortress (The choice if your shield has a high block chance)

If you have been paying attention to all the above, this is of little importance and open to play style. I personally try to choose skills that can boost bombardment damage when needed.
Bombardment - Annihilate REQUIRED- Self explanatory at this point.
Shield Glare- Divine veredict RECOMMENDED- Cast this just before a meteor volley and boost your dmg by 20% upon the affected monsters. It's also useful to root fast moving monsters that avoid the strikes.
Punish-roar RECOMMENDED- This skill increments your block chance, and that is HUGE when using a Covens Criterion. The fire damage may not be too high without Critical damage, but it scales nicely with the rest of your gear, specially if using Depth Diggers.
Steed Charge- A crusader must-have. You can switch runes as you like, but draw and quarter has a tactical advantage of helping you bring monsters together to minimize meteor spread. (thanks Jeetkundo for the idea)
Law of justice- Faith armor A tanks choice. This is the best defensive law, but law of hope+wings of angel is viable to boost your life regen to insane amounts and give you a speed movement boost. Choose the second only if you use Countess Julias Cameo and have overkill toughness.
Akarats Champion- fire starter Some say Akarats without Akkahns set or maximum CDR is not worth it, but I find it an useful burst-damage skill to take down big groups of elites or bosses.

NOTE- This build could be done with Akkahns + Cooldown Reduction aiming to boost overall damage BUT that is an offensive variant and you may be vulnerable during Akarats downtime or in an unlucky disconnection. Remember a pure Guardian of the Trove is NEVER vulnerable and should not be affected by human mistakes or random strikes of luck. And anyway... if you want just insane damage stick to the classical Thorns LON builds.

The general idea here is “Boost your toughness as long as you’re not hurting your belt’s bombardment damage”
That being said, the important choices are easy to make: For gems get Rubies (except on your helm that should have an amethyst) and for Paragon points get Strength, CHD, All resists. Then go for Cooldown reduction and Regen life (or split the other three defensive stats evenly). Utility points are of little importance, but Area damage helps.

Playing a Guardian of the Trove is a strange experience at first. You feel like a giant invulnerable walking fortress that cannot do much....until everything around you starts blowing into bits. Since Bombardment is area damage, the ideal play is to run around and collect lots of monsters and elites. When the screen explodes with monsters and colors, start casting shield glare on the worst packs or your own bombardment and just sit and enjoy the show. Don’t go around chasing single monsters, jump into the fray and let them come to you.

A well built Guardian of the Trove has all of the following advantages:
- Immune to lag, disconnects, Little brothers, angry wives, keyboard sleep overs, drunken play and pretty much anything as high as Torment XIII
- Cup of coffee compatible. You can even hold a cookie in one hand, the cup on the other and watch elites get wrecked on screen. (I often do this)
-Flexibility- The mandatory skills and items are few, so you can try a lot of things around this build. As long as you keep it tanky and don't waste valuable stats in trash like increased attack speed:-D
-Respectable damage. This is clearly NOT a power killer, but as I have said before, I have cleared hardcore lvl60 GRs with the belt of the trove as the only damage source. Using the items and stats listed, you can expect to have each meteor hit for an average of 80 million damage (w/o CoE). Going from a minimum unbuffed damage on white mobs of 50 million per hit up to 5000 million peak damage on elites on CoE rotations and buffed. Remember it is area damage and 10 hits per volley. This is why it is very important to keep your enemies clumped.
- I find the build shines at TX difficulty, but it is playable up to TXIII

I hope you enjoyed the guide. Try walking the path of the Guardian... you will not regret it!

Skill Calculator build!ahSb!Zbbaab

Link to the profile

UPDATED 01-26-2017

A note about history

The original guide (recently updated above) was written more than 2 years ago a long time before LON bombardment got popular and even before Kanais cube was brought into the game.
Amazingly enough, the core build still works very well for what it was meant to do.

You can check my character in the same link above (yes it's the original one and still alive) wearing end game gear.

So if you are a hardcore player or just like whatching things burn and specially NOT dying, go for it!
Thumbs up amazing build Im personally trying this out
inmortality feels good =)
You can fit roland 6p into this build. Why didn't you mention that?

Also, good concept and would be fun in t6 and lower level grifts only.
05/05/2015 08:49 PMPosted by JTPrince101
You can fit roland 6p into this build. Why didn't you mention that?

Also, good concept and would be fun in t6 and lower level grifts only.


Well, I did mention it was a flexible build. I thought about mixing this up with a fire sweep-attack roland, but you would need CHC to make sweepattack sing. AND you would need to worry about wrath. Not saying it isn't viable, only you would have to sacrifice quite a lot of toughness to make it work. I wanted the guide to show the pure tank, and people can work it from there.
I tried a Trover build in season 2 but I could never find a Drama and found a Unrelenting so I switched to pets, haha. Even with Drama Trover is so slow though.

If you numlock pets, they'll protect you during a disconnect as well. :p
Which follower and equipment would you recommend? Not quite there yet in terms of equip yet but enjoying the build in T5 - T6.
Use a CoE. You can see that I have been running this build for awhile.

When CoE procs fire you can hit close to 100million per meteor using the %skill and the %fire damage increase.

I do not have bombardment slotted nor do I have the %skills on shoulder/chest. I usually hit around 18 mil per meteor and when CoE procs in the low 40s. (Critical hits)

You will also see that I have wrath regen on the weapon and I am sporting Manald heal ring. I can also swap out the shield for another 2 wrath per second. This will give me a little over 10 wrath regen per second. over 11 with Templar.

Your build will get you mid 30's before you need to rely on another damage source like SB/Sweep.

@Alinski You can take a look at my templar for items to use.
Yes yes a very impressive tank. Seriously good job.
But when you reach immortal status, let me know, im always look for people to test with.
05/05/2015 07:31 PMPosted by Jeetkundo
Thumbs up amazing build Im personally trying this out
inmortality feels good =)

No offense, but thats not immortality. This is immortality. :D

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