Blizzard PLEASE give Kadala 1-H Wand Category

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05/19/2015 09:20 AMPosted by BDF
Rare things should be kept rare.

I disagree. Awesomely rolled items should be rare. You shouldn't go years without ever finding a Woh. Just possibly a well rolled one.
05/19/2015 09:10 AMPosted by Riv
How many kriders did you get? :p

I've found three ancient kriders this season :P (and I have about 3x as much playtime on wizard compared to DH this season)

One is 3300 DPS with vit and 9 discipline (native)
One is 3290 DPS with vit and 12 discipline (native)
One rolled without max disc or %damage and I'm not sure what to do with it yet (I might roll % damage and leave it without discipline and use it with my Marauder's DH)

Although I MAY have been obscenely, disgustingly lucky. I wish people had been in my games when I found the second and third ones. I've started giving away all of the kriders I find without even IDing them if I have someone else in my game.

In any case, tt's about 6x easier to gamble a Calamity compared to a Wand of Woh, and about 3x easier to gamble a Kridershot compared to a Wand of Woh, since there are both 2-hand bows and crossbows to dilute the pool more than the 1-hand crossbow pool.

The 1-hand and 2-hand slots for any other class are much more diluted compared to DH.
05/19/2015 09:56 AMPosted by OscarMK
05/19/2015 09:20 AMPosted by BDF
Rare things should be kept rare.

I agree, but why should krider be 5 times easier to get from kadala than SS?

I think this is the single most obvious question when it comes to the "why isn't there a class specific gambling category?".

DH gambles 2h weapons, get nothing but bows and crossbows. DH gambles 1h weapons, gets nothing but crossbows.

Wizard gambles 1h weapons... gets swords, maces, daggers, wands, blah blah blah. Why?

DH is so much easier to gamble than anyone else, and it's dumb.
Oh damn didn't realize krider is only 39k on average. Okay that's stupid =\
Anyone who doesn't want class specific gambling of weapons then should also advocate that DH's don't get the special treatment either. Let them suffer the same as the rest of us :P
05/19/2015 07:57 AMPosted by DiGiTLMaN
05/19/2015 06:31 AMPosted by normalice
if they did wands then they would also have to do fist weapons, diablos, flails (1 and 2 hand), mighty weapons (1 and 2 hand), 1 hand crossbows, and sacrificial knives. That's 9 of 12 available slots. Adding a generic 1h, 2h, and the three offhands results in 14 of the 12 available slots. This wont work.

anyway, even if they did it, you can be certain they would just adjust the probabilities until the chance of getting whatever it is you want is still the same low chance - you would just get a bunch of yellow wands instead of the occasional legendary dagger.

No, my wizard would not see boxes with flails and fist weapons. only crusaders and monks would see their specific class weapons. wd's would see ceremonial knives and not wands, etc...

that would probably work, except they don't "hide" the mojos and sources from the other classes, so... yeah. Granted, that doesn't mean they can't do it, but even so the chances of getting what you want would still be the same (unless you want the perfect yellow wand).
I agree with the sentiment that there should be a class-specific weapon category at Kadala. An argument can be made regarding the fact that Demon Hunters get class specific legendaries from Kadala 100% of the time making sense, because the class cannot physically equip all possible one/two handed weapons. However, at the same time it makes no sense that the DH class gets it "easy" when gambling from Kadala, because let's face it, everything is possibly good and luckily the strengths of at least two of their sets (M6, UE) can be utilized quite effectively with just about any ancient legendary Kadala churns out. The fact that the loot pool the DH class works in isn't diluted by SO many categories (rightfully) seems unfair to other classes. Just because a Wizard CAN use a legendary spear doesn't mean there's any situation in which a Wizard would WANT to use a legendary spear.

Personally, I would like to see them make two categories:

1h weapons - 50 blood shards. This includes maces, axes, swords, daggers, etc.
1h class specific weapons - 100 or even 125 blood shards.

The same can apply to two handed weapons. Wizards would have a Wand/Staff category, Barbs would get 1h Mighty Weapon and 2h Mighty Weapon categories, etc. I feel like the increased shard costs would balance out the ability to actually target upgrades.


Now I might be completely wrong here, but I believe I've heard that for some armor slots it's a 50/50 chance of it being a random legendary or a class specific legendary. (?) For example, Monks have a 50/50 chance of gambling some random helmet or a spirit stone. Maybe something could be implemented into gambling weapons in a similar matter? Like 1/3 chance of having a legendary be class specific?
I would like to see this happen.
I would like to see this happen.
Isn't DH bis for ammy slot HF or Flavor of Time? Just farming mats for HF is a chore and FoT is extremely difficult to roll with the right stats. That sorta balances out the ease in gambling for weps.
and 1h mace
and 1h sword
and 1h bow
and 1h dagger
OP, the key to getting something good from Kadala is to want something else.

I gambled one-handers, seeking an In-Geom, and I got an ancient Serpent Sparker and Wand of Woh within three clicks.

If I had actually been gambling for either of those wands they never would have dropped.

Kadala is an evil, soulless <female dog>, and will only give you something good if you really want something else. You can't pretend to want a sword and hope for a wand to drop. If you really want that <your item here> you won't get it. But that increases your chances of getting a good drop for some other item.

and 1h mace
and 1h sword
and 1h bow
and 1h dagger...

With the cost of 150 blood shards (or more).
The loot pool for wands need to change across the board I get 100 leg swords/mace/2Hswords to one wand,Take 900BS's to kadala and buy 1 handers and look at what you get 1 of them might be a wand.
I agree there should be different classes of 1h and 2h categories on Kadala.They have different categories of off-hand weapons(sources ,quivers ,shields).Why not have wands,staves.bows ,swords,maces and others categorized as well?Trying to roll a weapon on Kadala is VERY frustrating.Weapons cost more in the first place and secondly the rate Legendaries are rolled for weapons seems to be much lower on Kadala.Every time I roll armor or anything else besides weapons Legendaries seem to drop fairly regularly on her.But weps it seems like 1 in 30 actually roll as Legendary.Very frustrating when they cost 3 times as much as anything else.We should at least be able to determine which KIND of weapon we re rolling for with these kind of odds.
Work? What the !@#$. Thats a bunch of copy and paste + tweaking, a new texture, and well thats pretty much it.... if they dont want to do it, i'll do it xD
Everytime these people who say its too much work. Thats annoying. They implemented really big things. And its not like... its their job or anything. And if there is a problem, no matter the effort, they should fix it. At least if they think its a problem, and if they dont plan to abbandon the game. We dont have to discuss the effort, thats their job. The only thing we can do is tell them about our concerns and problems and maybe post ideas to fix it, and thats what this thread is about.

The droprate of class-specific legendaries is broken. Well at least from kadala... but i think in general too. Just do the math. Calculate how much you need to get a specific weapon. A wand for example. Lets say you want to find an aetherwalker by gambling. Just calculate the bloodshard costs of getting one. Or use the google to find the results. Then add a chance for 1/10 for a ancient and voila: 1.5-2mio bloodshards. If they want it to be that high, i guess there is no reason in playing because only people who had luck are even able to be on top of the ledder then. And that, would be stupid.

Just implement potions that let 30% of your drops be of type xyz (wand, amulet, ...). The potion costs a $%^-ton (50-100m, depending on duration) gold and doesnt run out if you are offline. Maybe 1h per 10m spent. Problem solved. Also problem with gold in this game solved.
Or make a new categorie for class-specific weapons, that would also kinda fix the problem imho.
Actully doing both would be the best i think :)
The potion idea would actually fix a big amount of rng problems, enhance competitiveness and also fix the problem with gold. And the kadala change would just round the whole thing up a bit. I dont think there is a negative to it, unless you'd say that less playtime to achieve your goal is a bad thing when people would have a bad time playing these extra hours anytime. Dont know about you but im pretty frustrated to play endless hours without even seeing the item i am looking for. All the frustration, randomness, gold problems could be fixed with an approach like this. But i think blizz could improve this idea. When they implement something its normally a really good improvement, but sometimes they take really long to fix the obvious concerns of people.

I've stopped playing right before Ancient items where added: I couldn't find a normal Furnace for my mage, I didn't want to suffer even more now that I had to find an ancient one. And I had like 800hours of playtime (sigh).

And now that furnace is pretty much useless for a mage, I can't find an Aether Walker in S3 ... not even a normal one to at least use for a T6 clearing build. Back to paragon 630+ and still not even a normal one :(

Change it so all the classes have the same chances as the DH.

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