2 player max now in public games?

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yup can confirm, happening to me too and very annoying
Yup same problem here. Very annoying. I dont want to 2 man bounties as i hate doing bounties to begin with. Just more proof on how bad these devs are for d3. They really need to start testing their own game before doing patches and such but they are 2 lazy doing nothing as always.
Definitely an issue, been trying all day and haven't got more than a group of two.
Failure to make 4 player team has been a reported bug all week and they haven't done anything about it.

Maybe Monday? The D3 janitor dosent work weekends.

Serious problem to a broken game that they dont address.
this post comes from 2015 lol wtf o_0
Same problem :( :( :(
02/24/2018 06:03 PMPosted by Schyzo
this post comes from 2015 lol wtf o_0
lol i know
02/24/2018 06:03 PMPosted by Schyzo
this post comes from 2015 lol wtf o_0

Yeah, I had noticed that too, that's plain incredible ! xD
Really annoying bug, bounties are tedious and time consuming already.
It's only GR games that seem to have the problem. Rift games are fine.
02/24/2018 08:48 PMPosted by Azamo
It's only GR games that seem to have the problem. Rift games are fine.
and bounty's i haven't had more then me and someone else in there
devs trolling us, they sucks as hell. blabla play season, blabla zero update, this game is dead, blizzard makes huge profit record but dont deserve players to buy their software. they no ban bots cause if they do, they will have less "players" etc. blizzar dev are just bad and only take money with dlc. these game industry now is just ugly! i remember the time in the 80/90, pc was just great, sure graphisme was not good but the communauty players-dev cooperate, now its just take money with unfinished game, they sold us some beta. thats just a poor way of thinking. now sure i will never buy anymore and will download.
I'm definetly running into this, less so in rifts, but trying to join greater rift there is 129 people but only finding 1 person in every dificulty.
I've run into this as well this season. I wonder how long it will take to resolve this nuisance.
There was also a reverse problem yesterday where it would show 0 players in a dificulty while I was leveling, and think fine I will "join" and make a new gmae maybe people will join in and suddenly I was in a party of 4 that wasn't showing up.
In the space of about 30 minutes I joined 10 T6 Rifts with only 1 being 4 man.

The rest were 2 man.

The problem with the 4 man was 2 guys were pre 70 using this as a plvl, so I left that game. This early in season we all need to pull our weight.
The only reason I join pub rift runs are for speed and keys.

What have you done to the code Blizz? Why does a small patch deliver clan/community/ pub game bugs? All these things have happened in the past year or two.
I see multiple posts on the bug report forum, but no blue posts / responses. I assume they don't know what's causing it, nor do they have an estimation on why it would be fixed. Otherwise, why not throw up a, "we are aware of the issue and are working on it" post at least. Not sure, but hopefully it is fixed soon!

I've been joining "rift" games and getting just 2 players. Played with a rando for an hour, did plenty of rifts, never got a 3rd. After he said he had to go, another player joined the game immediately after he left.

I see a lot of posts regarding EU server on the bug report forum, and according to them there is a mini fix. Join a pub game, and there is just you and one other. Then invite a friend, and now there are 3 players. The game will add a 4th, your friend is free to go, and the game will add a 4th again. This may be a temp fix for us, otherwise try to form a party in gen chat? Bit of a pain though. (I haven't attempted this, but if it works, wanted to share the knowledge).

For the record, I am playing on NA server.

Edit: I leveled up in expert/master public "Rift" games no problem (4 people) last night. Maybe this is only affecting certain difficulties (like maybe just T1+??)
This is so asinine, how is this still an issue? Trying multiple ways to group in public games and it's always just 2 people. This is the core of the game especially with a fresh season, so sad.
major 3 y/o bug goes unfixed
only real solution seems to be, find a rift group thats willing to bounties or greater rifts.

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