Dissapointing anniversary ?

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It was... ok I guess? Found it, cleared it, left it without too much excitement. Honestly, not looking for doing it again.
Its disappointing in the sense that when Blizzard has these "events" I expect them to want me to play the game more since I want to reap the benefits of the even as much as possible. I found the cow level, cleared it, and have no intention of looking for it again. I'd possibly even skip it if I randomly came across it while doing something else like farming uber keys.

This one is a miss in my book.
TBH I'd rather take a xp buff over this.
More like an Easter egg than an actual buff in my opinion.
I'm not disappointed, but it has this typical blizzard diablo 3 taste to it. It would/should have way more possible.

If you play Marvel Heroes you know why, 50x more cows, 2 more randomized zones, unique useful "legendaries" only droping in bovineheim, at one time the lead developer played as cow king buffing players and did various zones with them, and if you loged in at this event you got a cow pet. You can enter these zones with paying an ingame currency after this special event.
Instead of being critical of the buff why don't you enjoy for what it is and in a week move to being critical about something else, its a fun little event, xp, legendary or gold buff is boring as hell.

I for one am happy about a new event.

thank you blizzard for going out side the box.
dont expect much from d3 and u will never get disappointed, they could do so many different things to make a weekend a little funner to play, then they do something lame like this
05/15/2015 05:27 AMPosted by Apocalypse
Can't really say it's disappointing when it's not a subscription game. What other game gives you free updates or DLC and doesn't charge you for it or other things in the game. I mean they haven't drawn a dime from most people in over a 1 1/2 years now yet they continue to update the game and create new content.
Ever hear of path of exile? Marvel Heroes? There's tons of games that don't have a price tag that offer the same if not more that d3 offers. Saying they created new content is really laughable...
It BLOWS. Maybe they should "randomly" price D3, since it's such a big part of how they do things...
05/15/2015 12:37 AMPosted by ZER0
It is incredibly insulting really.That's what i feel after wasting 1 hour for 250 blue mats.

mooooooooooooooo cow mooooooooooooooooo
Yes, and? Was there something about the original cow level that made it something more than what they're already offering? No, there wasn't.

Yes, they were funny and actually useful. The features that diablo 3 cows don't have.
05/15/2015 11:15 AMPosted by Chunky
More like an Easter egg than an actual buff in my opinion.

It took resources from the apparently limited O&M budget to provide an expansion of the gaming experience with benefits of limited duration.

Given allllll the other issues with the game, I'd have preferred they continue working on the real problems and made progress there.

Fixing problems will extend the life of the game far longer than a cow buff that extended the life of the game for a few minutes for most players.

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