In geom - Monk only? Wizards need love too

My wiz build is based on heavy cooldown. I have found an In geom with her, but it isn't up to par dps-wise.

An Ancient In geom would be her crowning glory.

Is In geom meant to be intelledropped by monks only?
I don't really get the question? Are you asking if in-geom is only meant to be dropped for Monks? I've found an in-geom or Ancient in-geom with nearly every class and main stat on it.
He's asking if ingeom only drops for monks normally, which is definitely not the case. I've found quite a few (although no ancient ones).

I think Invoker pieces are the only cross-class items that don't smart drop for wizards. Good riddance.
I found about 6-7 Ingeom and I've gotten around 4 ancients ones. I'm 0/11 on AW/SS ancients however.

Thanks for to info.

There is hope for me yet :D
In-geom isn't that great, yanno. The point where you need reduced cool down the most is during an elite fight. If you only benefit after an elite fight, there's less reason to use it.

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