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Greetings, Do you guys run seasonal or non seasonal??

also do you have any members that run between 11PM EST and 4AM EST

this is the time of night i usually play

i am 2 years under your age requirement, but having 2 kids hopefully will push me over the mark haha
Sent a request looking for active guild. I'm 32 playing Almost everyday
Hello, just started playing D3 on PC. Im only lvl 23 barb atm. but looking into playing more and trying to get in to a clan to play along with. If you are still looking for new active members I would like to join if possible. im 44 yrs old, and will be in around 10pm est. most nights. Thanks, hope to hear from you, I ingame name is Rizen#1117
I'd like to join as well. I'm online M-F between 6-10pm CMT most nights.
Sent request, 39 married with a kid. Came back a few weeks ago after taking about a year off of D3. Started playing seasons last Friday.
sent friend request. 40 something. on plenty :) lfg.
Just wanted to say I enjoyed my time in legendaries and if you're 30+ and seasonal, it would be a good place to settle. I only play non-seasonal and while Bill indicated I could stay as long as I wanted, finding NS games became a bit tough so I left to make room for seasonal players and to find a mostly NS clan. But my time there was always positive and I just wanted to add my two cents on this clan. Sign up and enjoy. I did. :)
I would like to join as well. 32 and play time varies but on most days.
I'm going to assume by your bump you still have open spots.

I'm 34 playing my first seasonal character and my first character since RoS was released. Played before the expansion but first time season.

I have a 70 monk and barb, 623 paragon, cleared GR 61 solo on monk and looking for groups to farm up more paragons and improve gear.

Will look for in game if you still have open spots.
I am 31 just quit wow recently,becoming casual player now,hit me if there any spot open motorhead#1752
I am 57 and would like to join.

i will send you a friend request
Damn, wish you clan is non-seasonal.
Hello all,

Let me introduce my self,
I'm 35 years old, a husband and a father of two kids.
I'm working full time in Jakarta Indonesia, sometimes I have to travel and may not be able to play. I hope you all can understand.

I mainly play season character as a Monk for now.
From your clan descriptions, I would love it if I can join your clan.

My gamer tag is: Corn#6624
I already sent a friend request.
I hope that I can join and contribute to your clan.

Thank you.
I'll send a friend request when I log on tonight. 37 with two kids. Usually play 2-3 hours each night after the kids go to bed. Been looking for a casual group of like-minded older players.
I am 38 and have a couple of level 70 para 600+ characters on the normal side of playing and looking to get in to playing seasonal. Let me know if there is a spot available .. Kronik#1572
I am 40 and would like to be a part of your guild. I just started a seasonal WD, almost to level 70. Let me know if there's spot. Thanks! Karajan#1595

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