Option to disable rain please!

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I don't know why, but I have serious and unconditionally FPS drops when it rains in the game, without fail. Everything else in the game runs fine, but if it starts to rain I go from having 60+ FPS to low teens.

Is there anyway to disable rain? It can't lead to any sort of advantage in the way removing the black fog or similar effects from neph rifts do, so I don't see where any harm would come of it.
i think if you change from high to med or low, rain does not activate. not sure if there's a way to disable rain by itself without affect the rest of the video settings though
I was getting some bad FPS drops on my system from various things. I don't have a slow system either. Intel i7 4790 4 GHz, 16 GB RAM. ATI R9 290x, SSD. I would sometimes bottom out at 7-15 FPS. Any other game everything is maxed out. I guess their game engine isn't as efficient as other games.

So.. things you can try to help.

If your sound is set to 128-bit. Drop it to 32-bit. I'm not sure why this affects video rates but I've gained upwards of 40 FPS just from this.

Under the video settings, I used to have Max Foreground / Background FPS checked off. For some reasons that also slowed down my performance so unchecked them.

Shadows turning off can help or lowering. Lower Physics. Some of those affects are just not noticeable in game action so can help to decrease it.

Hope that helps.
Uncheck max FG and check vertical sync with windowed full screen. Everything on low including sound(16/32bit). I also use Nvidia settings to help with latency/FPS issues and have almost everything off and I finally have no issues with FPS except when im in high grift groups and certain maps and elite mob affixes will cause the occasional FPS drop.

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