Plz Consider Hex to summon @ cursor

Witch Doctor
besides that, please increase the damage on angry chicken and unstable form hex.

Its a pain in the @$$ when you are playing carndoc and you need to stop shooting, go near mobs, cast hex and then comeback to shooting position.

Plus, if you stay too far from target, the little guy comes close to you and do nothing. Let it attack like our melee fetishes.
Suggestion on Hex changes:
1. hex on cursor, or on where I am shooting.
2. increase the damage on angry chicken and unstable form hex.
3. Change in angry chicken: when Witch Doctor is in angry chicken form, the monster cannot see him. (note: different from spirit walk, he can still take damage and get hurt when in chicken form.)

I see the need of the changes, especially the (3).
While the other classes have ways to skip elite packs in GR, WD need some "fun way" to do something similar. Honestly, the idea is from the fact that I can't really see my WD in chicken the mob shouldn't see him neither, just to make it fair. ;p
Yes, absolutely.

I would also suggest that Fetish Army also spawn at cursor location - Gargantuan does, why not FA and dogs too?

Case in point - Even with a SMK and you have your FA off cool down instantly, in higher Grifts, spirit walk is at a major premium these days - since the god-awful cool down 2.2 change.

When pets get botched up at a choke point, I have to spirit walk behind emery lines and re-summon my FA so I have more fetishes attacking than just the 2-3 that are at the door.

But soft! There is an elite pack with the likes of Jailer/Thunderstorm/Waller/Frozen on the other side that I didn't know was there. And, I've just spent my spirit walk - which, again, is now at premium these days and must be conserved - to summon fetishes behind the lines when I *should* just be able to summon them at the cursor. Spirit walk is on cool down, and then I am walled and thunderstormed to death - he didn't even need to jail me...

Again, I can do this with my Garg(s), why not all pets, including dogs - and all the Hex runes, including the Toad of Hugeness? I mean really... with one-shot damage mechanics, do you think I want that toad spitting out a jailer elite right beside me? (I know the toad is not used for other reasons, but it gets to my point.)

Is there a reason that ALL summoning skills are not at location of cursor? If I want them next to me, all I have to do is point the cursor next to me...

Have we discussed the FA cool down yet... :)

Damn... there are so many small changes that could make the WD class better w/out even addressing sets and reworks...
Thank you Devs for listening :)

You rock!

Yeah buddy!!

ahhhh :P

• Hex

• Now has an animation and summons the Shaman or Toad at your cursor location

• The summoned Shaman now stands in the location where it was summoned

• Summoned Shamans' cast range increased from 25 to 50 yards

A screen full of PIGS..."makin bacon"
yea, they really listen this time!

"•Has been redesigned •(2) Set Bonus •Your Hex - Angry Chicken explosion damage is increased by 100% and slain enemies trigger an additional explosion
•Your Hex - Angry Chicken now lasts 15 seconds and movement speed as a chicken is increased by an additional 100%"

The running speed is going to be crazy...

speed run = angry chicken run!
06/30/2015 05:28 PMPosted by Luffy
yea, they really listen this time!

'coz Reaps has them on speed dial !
More giving us control over our pets is a good thing. :)

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