how do we look into fixing our defense issues

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12/20/2014 11:07 AMPosted by Druin
For the record, I couldn't care less what was done in the past.

If Heisenberg never goes back to trolling and continues to post helpful stuff 24/7 for the rest of his D3 career, he would make a fine MVP if a bit of a salty one.

I have always been of the opinion that actions are what determine worth and things said in the past on a video game forum are really not the kind of thing I look to for current value.

C'est la vie

Only opinions I care about! <3

Oh, on topic. Monk defense is fine. Problem is we ALWAYS HAVE TO SPEC into HARMONY + USE An AFFIX on each item. What other class has to do that?
Just to give another Point of View;

One thing I really dislike about every new set and every new change made to not only the monk but to all classes is how everything just gets bigger. The sets grant more defense, they enable you to deal more DMG, so provide more utility and so on.
This game doesn't get balanced around how strong the classes are on a certain level, they get balanced around what the community achieved within an endlessly scaling system.

And, honestly, I don't think this is good for this game. Looking at how strong we are already, and how strong every other class is, I'd honestly say that not the defenses are our problem, but the game itself suffers from how everything just gets stronger and stronger.

So, a completely other solution to this issue would be:

Rebalance all the big sets and the Torment-difficulties, so the sets get a little weaker and T6 is a little harder. To make a comparison, I always found that D3v MP10 was excellent in how strong the mobs were compared to the strongest builds from each class - except DH of course :D
So, if Blizz could manage something similar, that would be great! D3v had a lot of flaws, but MP10 was awesome! Probably the main reason why a lot of us played Vanilla for so long.

And then, only look at the "meta-game" of T6, and completely ignore anything that is happening on the Solo-GRift-Rankings.
Of course, some people will be disappointed in how good their class is compared to the other ones, but the reality is, that balancing 6 (maybe 7 soon?) classes in an endlessly scaling difficulty is so hard. As you can see right now, we are in a spiral where everything gets stronger and stronger.

4-Man-Ranking-Teamcompositions are mainly determined by how much utility and/or damage certain classes have, so if a class lacks presence in the 4-Man-Rankings you could still give them utility-buffs which probably wouldn't affect the class itself too much in how it gets played on a normal T6-level.

Thoughts on this approach?

06/08/2015 03:16 AMPosted by Heisenberg
Lets just PRAY it is Monk turn next patch.

Quality Post :>
06/07/2015 08:06 PMPosted by hong
One class (out of six) being tankier than monks != monks need to be more tanky

Yes, this needs to be acknowledged.

Generally speaking, tankiness (standing 1 v 1 and absorbing dmg) ought to be:


That's where design objective probably is, and, that's probably close to where we're at. I think my issue is really with the size of the ">" between barb and monk. And, certain elite affixes that "extra punish" monks since we're so dodge based, and therefore prone to 1 hit KO. Health bars that are always full or always empty is not healthy play.

On second thought, I think the defense ranking needs to be split into two, one for dps specs and one for zdps specs. And, we need to keep APD out of the equation. What do you think about this order? (I am unsure where barb fits in; do they even have a zdps?)



I'm fairly confident in the zdps ranking. Crusader is >> Monk. Crusaders can run upwards of 1 billion EHP and still retain almost all their utility. They can do some tanking from a distance and take almost no damage from RD. They have two second lives.

DPS specs depend a bit on mobility to avoid sources of damage, and for that monks are king, and Crusaders are very bad. Shields don't provide much effective defense.

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