Critique the Wiz above you.

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07/02/2015 01:36 PMPosted by Ricstar
Hey, we have very similar sword. :D

Not sure what to say, your Wizard could survive really well, I guess you could find a source that has more damage.

Aw you clicked my profile and not my link. The first wiz on my profile has been neglected since forever. FB bored me to tears.

Here's the link again:
Hi, I have a spare consumable. I'm using an ancient Chantodo which outdamages my Devastator (which had a consumable used on it), and I could reroll its socket to +% damage and then use the consumable.

That would pump my damage nicely, but I have no intention at all of using the Chantodo set before or after the patch. My Tal offhand is pretty good, and this is a hydra talrasha setup.

Ideally I would save this for an ancient serpent's sparker, but who knows how long that might take to discover.

Is the Chantodo worth using the consumable on, or no?
Regarde: You need to sacrifice more life to increase Hydra or Meteor damage, trust me. Re-roll the vit on the boots for 15% Meteor damage and re-roll the shoulders to 15% hydra damage.
Why are you using a Chantodo wand? You need to get an ancient SS to really boost up the hydras.

Your current build with the changes i just told you would be great!

*Once you judge me, make sure you cover both the normal and the seasonal character please lol :)*
I guess you could find belt like witching hour with critical damage to increase your damage output.
07/09/2015 06:32 AMPosted by txag2k
@Ricstar - 8.5/10

Pretty solid wizard, I can't critique your build as I haven't seen it in combat. Some improvements you could strive for are pretty obvious, while others are purely my opinion. Here's my list:

Easy things:
  • You need to reroll AR on your bracer to elemental damage.
  • (Conditional) Replace Bane of the powerful with Zei's stone of vengeance or Bane of the trapped. The reason for this is that the latter two are multiplicative while BoP is additive. If you don't play ranged or don't CC things enough then you should stick with BoP.

Hard things:
  • You need to find some ancient pieces.

Very hard things:
  • You need a find a better tal ammy (don't we all) so you can have a socket and CC.
  • You need to find better F/R rings so you can have CC/CD plus the standard socket.

Impossible things:
  • You need to find an ancient Aether Walker or any other unique affinity weapon (come Kanai's cube) that matches the dps on your Exarian, good luck with that!
@ KarunDown

Good looking Wizard. Lot's of Ancient gear.

Not much to Critique for sure.

I would just continue replacing my non-ancients with Ancient.

I'm curious to know how Electrocute and Arcane Orb are working out for you?

I haven't had much luck getting alot of Damage out of them.
Great furnace, can I have it? :)
Just click on eu to view profile
Not bad undead. You would get more damage by using TnT with tals ammy and a 3rd gem- Pain enhancer. If you insist on using Black Hole a pair of strongarms would be better than lacunis. APD are BIS though.
@MrSynyster You are right arcane orb is very weak for 40+ grifts, I only use it for t6 rifts because it kills fast enough and is so fun at that level (I'm thinking triumvirate passive next patch might make it viable for higher difficulties). I switch to Blizzard - Frozen Solid for 40+ grifts and replace AW with SS. Electrocute is a great filler for AP generation, the tal rasha procs and finishing off weak or stray enemies.
@KarunDown Hi Karun, I'm going to critique your wiz as he currently stands.

First off, nice gear. I can't figure out what you're gearing him for though. Is it speed rifts or are you pushing GRs? You're wearing an Aether Walker and FnR, so I'm guessing you play solo.

Here are some quick points you can think about.
  • If you need more damage for GRs, gear for Hydra over meteors. Stack enough IAS to hit the next breakpoint. IAS can be found on armour (chest, gloves, rings, bracers) = 5*7% = 35%. You can get more by rolling 7% on your weapon, using spells (stretch time bubble), paragon points and so on. Look for Taskers gloves. Magic happens when you get a perfect roll of them.
  • It's worth trying to hit the next breakpoint, even to the detriment of +%dmg on your weapon. For example, going from 2.5aps to 3.3aps will give your hydras 23% more damage!
  • Look for a hydra spreadsheet by a guy called Lance, and use to preview changes to your gear.
  • If you're speed rifting, get rid of hydra and ignore my advice above. Hydra is going to hold back your times. Gear for meteors instead
  • Keep playing. Paragon points help a lot!
  • There, 3rd post ever.
    Check my european profile guys, Lady Bomba, suggestions are always appreciated :)
    Parnassus, your melee mage seems fine to me, just i'd change the shoulders with something more useful, like those with free life chance.

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