Which Kanai's Cube combos will you try?

Fire DS build:

gonna cube Cindercoat, Ring of the Zodiac and Flying Dragon, this opens up use of Heart of the Crashing Wave (chest) Focus + Restraint (rings) and Gift of Silaria and Pig Sticker (weapons) with CDR rolls (RCR optional) with CDR on weapons you can drap Gogok of Swiftness for Mutilation Guard for more Survival.

SSS build

i plan on cubing Madstone, RoRG and Flow of Eternity. While using new Helm or Leroic's Crown, with Focus + Restraint and using Lion's Claw and Fist of Az.

XP Leech Build: EP Monk

i plan on cubing Leroic's Crown, RoRG and Fist of Az. using Sunwuko's Crown. Hellfire Ring, Leroic's Signet and In-Geom, while opening up use of Born's sword and chest for the extra 20% xp

basically EP and full leech
I want to try Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander + Gloves of worship effects.
+25% attack sped, -25% damage taken, 100% increased resource gain, 50% reduced cd time

Little bit random, but getting all this shrine effects at the beginning of GRift will be awesome.
I want to try SSS centric Torment speed build.

Ingeom + fist of az (lion fist cubed)
SSS 6set + gungo gear + madstone (nemesis cubed)
F/R (Rorg cubed)
06/27/2015 02:05 AMPosted by Raven
My two current fantasy setups are:

Cubed: FD, ORoZ, Cindercoat
Equipped: F&R, Full R6 set, Furnace/Paired Blades/Shenlong*/Dual 5 affix 1h weapons

*Depending on if the shenlong's 65 spirit/sec drain is affected by rcr or not.

7SS Set:

Quick note so this makes sense: In the datamined notes, we found an item with the same passive as RoRG, but with a different Item ID. Assuming this is an armor item:

Cubed: RoRG, New RoRG-like item, FoE
Equipped: 4 7SS items, Wuko Amulet+shoulder, Gungo, Madstone, F&R,
Cold - Fist of Az + 5-affix-1h or In-Geom
Holy - Shenlong Set

The idea here is obvious, if a bit insane: Explode all the things, all the time. With what is essentially 2 RoRGs, you can reach the 4 and 6 set effects of the sets with 2 and 4 pieces respectively, allowing some rather monstrous EP damage and leaving a free armor slot for Madstone. So, with this build, 7SS both applies and detonates EP. Rather frightening.

Which element is best I am still unsure on.

With Cold, I think it best to use Fist of Az since it synergies so well with the cold EP, though Shenlongs may also be incredibly good, if not better depending on it's uptime.

With Holy, you get the spirit refund for each explosion, which should count as active spirit generation. With enough targets you Should be able to keep Shenlongs buff up 100%. For each target hit, that is 105 spirit generated total by the 7 holy EPs. Not enough to keep Shenlongs 100% up when fighting one target, but if you are fighting 2 or more then it should never fall off.

I think that Holy with Shenlongs might be the superior build, if a bit more reliant on fishing for a boss with adds. Both builds Have to use 7SS - Sustained Attack for the base cooldown reduction.

However, if the datamined item that increases the number of times 7SS hits is a 1h weapon, then Cold will win by a landslide by dual weilding that and Fist of Az.

Entire idea destroyed by the fact that you need a 6 set to explode EP.
Cube furnace, equip sunkeeper, 80% elite.
i gave my sunwuko/innes 3/5 monk a spin. using sunwuko shoulders/gloves/helmet and innes weapon/chest/boots/pants. currently, using gungdo gear, rorg, soj a GG kymbo's gold as the main stuff. passives are crudest boots, incense torch and unity. i'm thinking of getting rid of gungdo gear with exploding palm in favor of a pure generator. then using rorg as jewelry passive and bastion of will for damage buff along with wave of light. really need a GG sunwuko shines amulet so i can swap out the helm for that tzo krin's gaze. also, maybe go for spirit guards for defensive instead of the double unity. only thing i don't like right now is the speed. might try different gems since i'm using taeguk, bott and mirinae.
I don't plan on racing tiers or anything, just making a more interesting build of what I already play.

(4) Piece Inna's , using Waist / Hands / Torso
(2) Piece Raiment , using Head / Boots
(2) Piece Monkey Kings, using Shoulders and Neck

My wrists will be Gungdo Gear, pants are Depth Diggers, and my rings will be a Unity and SoJ.

My cube will be Flying Dragon, Crudest Boots, and RoRG.


If all this works out, then I'll have my exact same build as now but I'll add quite a bit of damage as well as the ability to generate decoys and even more explosions. Sounds fun to me even if it won't be a world killer.

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