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06/30/2015 12:25 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Do you find yourself doing more or less Bounties?

Sure. And I enjoy doing bounties more since there is a bonus reward now.

One suggestion: Every other act has a quest that demands finding a certain cave, witch usually takes some time, because the area to search is fairly big. If you finally found the cave you need to find the 2nd floor, witch again can be annoying as hell (thinking of act 3 and 5 especially). Finally you get to the 2nd floor and than you need to kill every single monster, therefore need to search every corner and sometimes search every corner again for some worm hiding in the ground (act 1), strange thing hanging from a wall and not identified as a monster before (act 2), or some very tiny rats (act 5).

Seriously, don’t make me go to 2nd floor after searching a big area for a cave or at least give a discount on the ‘kill all’-aspect of the quest, let’s say: ‘kill all -5%’ (minus 5 percent) of total monsters on that floor (as mechanic behind how the game counts those kills).

06/30/2015 12:25 PMPosted by Nevalistis
What percentage of your PTR play time do you spend in Nephalem or Greater Rifts?

60% Bounties
30% Rifts
10% Greater Rifts
07/20/2015 01:45 PMPosted by catch22
I only have 1 thing to say about this. Repair costs are way to high. I had to sell blues and yellows on live for the gold. The repair cost change just makes it exceedingly worse. I understand the need to find ways to dump your gold. But it was taken to the extreme. Maybe a doubling of the repair cost vs live would have been better then this 10x or 100x in this iteration of the PTR.

This desperately needs to be changed.

I believe that there's a bug with gemmed items inflating repair costs stupidly high which will be fixed soon.
Thanks for all the great posts in here, folks! It's been very helpful. :)

In preparation of our upcoming PTR patch, we'll be wiping progress to better test Adventure Mode and the leveling experience (more details here). To ensure we're separating out feedback that might have been affected by bugs, we're closing this thread down and will be opening a new one to take its place.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and we hope to see even more of your feedback once our next PTR patch goes live.

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