Please don't make lion's claw season only...

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Monks already got hit hard last season (unity bracers anyone?), so I am asking devs to please give monks a break for next season. I would be really nice if their unofficial 7th set piece was not season only.
Meant to say "it would be....", can't correct typos on phone!
It will be so that ppl play season, dont you know it already?
People are going to play season regardless of seasonal legendaries or not. They're just not necessary. Seasons don't need any incentive really.

A good solution would be to allow you to transfer your character from season to non-season whenever you want so that you could just find what you're looking for then go back to non-season and enjoy the game better.
If this is the best Blizzard can do to inflate game time, people simply will quit and not come back. This game simply isn't worth it and the public numbers (only numbers we can see) prove it. Both sides can argue all they want, the truth is people are losing interest and inputting mechanisms with no purpose other than to increase frustration will drive players away. I remember thousands on T6 bounties. What do we have now? I saw 10 people.
I'm not a fan of the exclusives either, but that argument seems so I unwinnable I was hoping that blizzard could at least be reasonable about it and stop releasing these unofficial seventh set pieces as season only.
The same can be said of the Deadman's Legacy (DL) for the UE set in S3.

I would not play seasons if it was not for the exclusive gear. Asking people to wait 4 months for new Legs is unbearable when this game revolves around gears so much. Currently gears literally determines one's build and DL completes the UE set.
No. I don't think Blizzard should just move the monk item to non-season.

That is not a reasonable compromise. It would be half-measure shortcut for Blizzard
Exclusive items has to go away!
You know it will be a season item unfortunately seasons is a cheap gimmick, and Blizzard failed horribly. I dare them to do one seasons with 0 exclusive items/gems cause I guarantee you the numbers of players that play seasons will drop significantly, proving how horrible seasons really are.
Starting fresh was supposed to be people's incentive (something that people should've been able to do anyway). Seasons are sh!t. So sh!t that they require incentives.

Anything that requires incentives is obviously something not capable of standing out on its own 2 feet.

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