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Hi everyone!

For those who follow me, you may notice a distinct lack of green tint in the words you're reading. If you've come to the conclusion that I am no longer part of the MVP Program, then you are right.

As of July 7, 2015, I am stepping away from the MVP Program. Thinking about it now, it's a result many months in the making, but rest assured that there is no bad blood between me and other members of the MVP Program and Blizzard Entertainment employees. I cherish the bonds I've formed and I fully intend to maintain them going forward.

It's been nearly two years since I was invited to the Program (August 2013). It was fun. It was frustrating. It was intense. It was enlightening. I can keep going with the adjectives, but despite all the ups and downs I've experienced, it was all worth it. However, at some point it started to feel like a job (it isn't; going above and beyond was completely voluntary)—and I felt caged.

Every time a PTR is on the horizon, I feel obligated to offer and drive as much feedback as possible. I've left work early to jump on the PTR. I've taken days off to create educational YouTube videos. If there are unanswered questions on the forum, I feel like I'm not fulfilling my self-imposed duty if I don't respond.

But again, struggle as I may have, the MVP Program was a great experience. Real life RNG at work.

First roll: a person randomly picks up a game. That's right. I randomly picked up Diablo III on launch day. I never paid any attention whatsoever to the game's development. I was not involved with the Beta. I've logged negligible hours on Diablo II and I've never touched the first Diablo game at any point in my life. But I literally randomly decided to buy Diablo III on the day it launched.

Second roll: person grows more interested in the game. Perhaps it was because I was in transition between games and I didn't have anything solid to focus on at the time. Prior to D3, I was pretty heavily invested in StarCraft II and MOBA games like Dota. However, those games became too stressful for me during high intensity sessions. I totally broke out in cold sweat whenever a moment came up and the game was on the line. Sure, it was fun in its own way, but I wanted to get away from that. D3 seemed simple enough to play and I didn't feel as if I had to do too much to enjoy it.

Third roll: person meets interesting players and gets involved with the community. This was capturing lightning in a bottle. I don't know what happened exactly, but I really got involved. I frequented forums and online communities for other games in the past, so being involved with the D3 community was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I was never much of a lurker. I talk a lot; it's both a blessing and a curse. I get excited easily and fast; also blessing and a curse. So many times I've stared at the "submit" button and ended up posting things I should have kept to myself. So many times I've held back and wondered for hours afterward if I made the right choice. So many times I've scrapped entire YouTube videos and none of the content could see the light of day. But the D3 community—for some odd reason I could not leave it alone. It quickly escalated to the point where I felt that leaving it behind would be a sin.

Fourth roll: person becomes an influential pillar. And that's when the MVP Program came into the picture. I never really gave much thought to the Program prior to getting the invitation. It's a great opportunity, that's for sure, so I was more than happy to participate. One thing after another put me under the spotlight that never quite went away. Not that I minded, but just like the way I carried myself, it's a blessing and a curse.

In retrospect, that's how I see things. I can't really explain how I ended up here. I just did. It's like rolling a legendary item with all four of your desired primary properties. It just happened.

Whatever did happen, for the past few months I've tried to stay away from the spotlight, mainly because the D3 community is constantly evolving. There is no way I can deny that the community of today is a completely different beast compared to the community two years ago. But old habits die hard so it's come to the point where I feel I should part ways with the MVP Program.

I can comfortably say that I've led a good fight for changes I strongly believe in. But for fights against, for instance, the botting epidemic, I'd be lying if I say it's a fight I'm winning. For all the legitimate high level players who have tasted the rewarding fruit through sheer willpower, time and effort, pat yourselves on the back. We're a dying breed.

The clan I lead is one of the few safe havens for high level players. As time goes on, we get more and more applicants stating they want to join in order to escape the botting environments of their old clans. But that's not to say we're a completely sealed off safe zone. In the past couple of years, we've caught six members who succumbed to temptation. Two reformed. Two left on their own accord to continue botting elsewhere. Two others we've had to kick out. As an astonishing number of high profile players are preaching the acceptance of the botting culture, we're fighting a losing war, but we continue taking in the refugees.

As much as I want to keep fighting the good fight, I've done my part already. As I mentioned much earlier, the MVP Program started to feel like a job. The label assigned to me directly led to countless emails, in-game whispers, PMs from other community sites, YouTube comments, DMs from Twitter, all asking me to fix the game, fix this set, fix that set, save Archon, change this, change that. And if I didn't comply, I'm the worst ever.

Sorry guys, but I don't have that kind of power. I am no more than a drop in the ocean, no bigger than anyone else here. I can start a ripple, but ultimately what Blizzard decides to do about that ripple is completely up to them. Anyone can start a ripple. It does not have to be me. Leaving the MVP Program to me is the equivalent of releasing myself from the shackles of self-assigned responsibilities and the burdensome task of maintaining a saint-like online persona. It's an expensive breath of fresh air.

Hopefully someone can pick up the torch I'm leaving behind. I'd like to thank the community for molding me into who am I today. Without the community and the players I've come to call my friends, I wouldn't be playing this game. I'd like to thank Blizzard Entertainment for providing me this opportunity to learn so much about community development, game development and more. It's valuable experience I can now tie into my professional life.

But starting on July 7, 2015, it's time for me to focus more on playing the game and less on what I can do for the game.

- Jaetch
Sounds good. Best of luck.
07/07/2015 02:34 PMPosted by Jaetch
it's time for me to focus more on playing the game and less on what I can do for the game.

You owe it to yourself.
Well then, I wish you good RNG fortune in-game :)
Jaetch man, I would just like to say thank you for all your effort, Carry on.
Should definitely enjoy the game. Hope all the best.
Carry on, is right. Let's see what the next chapter brings. I've spent more time in the MVP Program than I have outside it.
Can't you just keep the green text and not post anything? I see a few hearthstone mvps that only post garbage and they still have their mvp status
Don't be a stranger Jaetch. Nice work.
07/07/2015 02:56 PMPosted by DreUd
Can't you just keep the green text and not post anything? I see a few hearthstone mvps that only post garbage and they still have their mvp status

HS MVPs are outrageous. It's best to ignore them.
Dear Leader !
Did you get to go to blizzcon for free?!
Wish you the best on your journey then... say hi if u ever see me online...
I enjoyed the time you did work to make a RoS version of CM wiz.. and some of the work you did trying up perma archon again...

Thanks Jaetch for all you've done.

Without you this game would not be where it is today and the Wizard class would be leaps and bounds behind as well.

See you in game!
Now you can go back to actually leading our clan fool! but can you finally answer the question and end the debate once and for all. Red gem or Green gem in weapon??
07/07/2015 03:33 PMPosted by JellzRoc
Now you can go back to actually leading our clan fool! but can you finally answer the question and end the debate once and for all. Red gem or Green gem in weapon??


I did it.
07/07/2015 02:34 PMPosted by Jaetch
the community of today is a completely different beast compared to the community two years ago
Back when the game wasn't balanced around sets, wich are in turn balanced based on number of downvotes made by dh/ barb multiboxers and garnished with people who have no idea about anything and play D3 on 5% of possible difficulty?

Forums also didn't have darthblazdor (or whatever his name is), pretends to be such a good wizard but imho he's just a bad troll who plays a barb. That potato can ruin a constructive topic in seconds :/

Hoping u'll make videos and continue being an awesome wizard (UR A WIZARD HARRY), I pretty much bought d3 and started playing as a wizard thanks to you.

07/07/2015 02:34 PMPosted by Jaetch
save Archon
Hail Hydra.
Good luck with your other endeavors in life and D3 Jaetch. I don't main a Wiz but always felt you were probably one of the most knowledgable MVPs in the game when it came to the mechanics and the overall endgame.

As for the botting issues, keep fighting the good fight. There's a few of us who continue to do so. GL and just HF now.:)
Read a lot of posts from you, and i like them all. gl. And hope you enjoy the game even more.
I'm sorry to hear that the program got to you too.

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