The End of my MVP Journey

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Guys don't do this pls.... 2 page long quote to write 5 words in response...


So, does Archon snapshot or not?
It's okay Jaetch, I understand. You too decided that the monk is the true master class ^^.

It is always sad to see an MVP step down because of what you exposed, however it is good see it was a good experience. :D

Anyway, thank you Jaetch for all the content you have generated, which was very enlightening to me as a player.

Ekka - Spanish D3 MVP.
You're ok....I guess.
Why isn't my name green yet?
07/08/2015 09:14 AMPosted by Junger
Why isn't my name green yet?

I... don't have an answer to this.

Maybe green is not enough for you. I'd vote for a blue post. Or purple post. What's your favorite color ?
07/08/2015 10:27 AMPosted by Machado
Or purple post.

If I had my pick I would post in purple and sport a pretty slick Happy Cloud avatar.

I vote that all MVP's be given a Happy Cloud as their avatar!

*hides from MissCheetah*
Jaetch- thank you for a job well done
Take care Jaetch!

Nice to see Drothvader, The Tias, Misscheetah, You all have been cool, even steered me from speculating on my own, just putting up the facts. I thank you all for what you do and have done!

And thx u again for your kind thoughts when my little girl was hurt and mending up!

These people have my up-most respect, there wealth in knowledge in this game, is tremendous, take sometime read there older posts, you truly get to know they are a very passionate bunch, that love to help, and are just good people!

My hats off to you all, salute' :)))
07/07/2015 02:34 PMPosted by Jaetch
I can comfortably say that I've led a good fight for changes I strongly believe in. But for fights against, for instance, the botting epidemic, I'd be lying if I say it's a fight I'm winning. For all the legitimate high level players who have tasted the rewarding fruit through sheer willpower, time and effort, pat yourselves on the back. We're a dying breed.

It makes me sad to read this. I recently found out that a long-time friend of mine was about disheartening.

07/07/2015 02:34 PMPosted by Jaetch
Leaving the MVP Program to me is the equivalent of releasing myself from the shackles of self-assigned responsibilities and the burdensome task of maintaining a saint-like online persona.

That right there is why I had zero desire to ever be an MVP. IRL is enough responsibility for me, when I'm gaming I just want to be able to play and have fun.
You are definitely a cut above, and next to impossible to replace Jaetch. Very few people have, or will, match your level of passion and professionalism for this game. A game, yes just a game, but it's something very important to me, and deeply rooted in my heart; a true life saver in one aspect. You made it better man.

As you, Jaetch, and many other clan members have heard me say, botting is perhaps the most detrimental thing to the game any player can do. The true fans of the game won't do it, but we have to deal with game changes because of it, which infuriates me.

I will miss seeing your posts in green. But, at the end if the day if this game you and I love causes anything other than joy in our hearts, a different perspective needs to be taken.
J is the most out-spoken MPV and I enjoy his posts and videos.
you have done a very good job.

looking forward to see you in games...some day.
This is terrible and all ... But this Guy never did Anything About refelct damage so in my eyes hè is mecha hitler and should have been abortus. Yes abortus.
Working for free sucks doesn't it.
07/07/2015 05:38 PMPosted by MissCheetah
Games should be fun, not work.

Just an afterthought or question, J, what's your opinion of turbohud, good, bad?

I don't use it, but now that you won't be flashing green text, would you mind parting w/ a bit of your insight on the matter? If not, no worries I'm not even sure I know blizzards opinion of it.
gl & hf

edited for spelling, as usual.
07/08/2015 08:59 AMPosted by darthblade
Guys don't do this pls.... 2 page long quote to write 5 words in response...


So, does Archon snapshot or not?

only the first time you fire, if you stop channeling you lose the AD stacks...

Archon's not worth it anyway. If you want a good non-cookie build, go EE (4 element, use cold damage MH wep, chain lightning+arcane familiar+fire magic blade), AD, and disintegrate.
You won't be doing Grifts, but it's great for burning thru T6 E's in one second...

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