Screen freezes but game is still running

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good night everyone, im having a very annoying problem right now.

you see i have recently installed the expansion, and so far i was not having any problems at all, but when im roaming in the paths of the drowned ( After you kill the angel on westmarch), on the V act, suddenly the screen freezes on some parts of the map, yet the game is still running.

i can move, even attack but i can´t see anything, then i move away from that position and alt-tab into windows, then i return to the game and i can keep playing normally.

the problem is i cant go further because the area where it freezes, there is a quest objective, so i can´t advance into the game.

BTW, its single player, it is the first time im playing the expansion.

i havent seen any problem like this in the forums.

please help

thx in advance.
I'm having the same problem in the Blood Marsh. Screen freezes but game is still running.
Same here, Tried everything even a repair and nothing somebody else must know whats going on here.
I am having the same problem in Blood Marsh. Is it a in game glitch that Blizzard should fix or a graphics issue? Its only happening to me with my witch doctor as well.
I'm having a similar problem when entering Blood and Sands Campaign. After Kulle leaves, the screen freezes but the game continues to play. Everything prior runs beautiful. HELP!
I can no longer play D3. Once the game starts everything freezes including the cursor. I am at my highest level ever and I don't want to have to start over. Someone pls help!!
Even today, i have started playing again, and it is still happening

but it keeps freezing on the entrances of some dungeons.

i cant advance at all in the game right now.
its the same location as i wroted earlier.
Im having this same issue act 2! It sucks is it a graphics issue?! with the Newest Graphics Driver? or does anyone have a clue?
Yes mine locks up on blood of sands. On 2 different computers i run. 1 Windows 7 machine and 1Windows 10 machine. 1 quadcore intel and 1 8 core amd.
Replying with a Possible fix to anyone with this issue. Rolled Back Driver Graphics. and got passed the freezing point with no issues. Let me know if it fixes it for anyone else. recently upgraded my Graphics card yesterday and started having this issue.
Just rolled back my video driver...working good now. Thanks!
Same problem here with Blood Marsh and also Cesspools. Started right after updating to the latest AMD vid driver. Going to try rolling back. Lost a HC toon due to this don't want to repeat that.
I was not having a Video issue but the game was crawling so slow after I logged into the PTR I was talking to someone and they reminded me that the new patch reconfigures your video settings.. I went in and changed mine and its working fine now at 150 FPS>> Be sure to turn off max foreground and max background FPS. I also go Texure - High, shadows - off, physucs - low, clutter - off .. Anti aliasing - off , low FX - on. IM on a Geforce GTX 660 2gb GPU which should run D3 outta the roof but cant for some reason.
I went on my laptop All Intel and it worked so I assume it is a problem with the AMD driver as stated above I will try the roll back and report back.
The only way to "rollback" AMD drivers is by downloading a previous version, uninstalling the current version, then doing a fresh install of the older version. Fingers crossed but it seems to have fixed it for me.
so... no blues response at all..
Can confirm it's due to a recent AMD driver update.

Blood Marsh/Paths of the Drowned tileset is one that I regularly see freeze up.

Occurs in both single and multiplayer.
I have been freezing in the desolate sands. I have also been having the issue of the screen freeze with the game still running but this is a complete lockup. I will try the driver trick. Has anyone down loaded windows 10?
Same problem here....

I tried the rollback, but not work

We need a support help here... game break problem.
Hi, Buddys.
I had the same problem and i solved desintaling the last AMD driver and using this version of AMD Catalyst Driver (14.4) in Windows 10:

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