Shield block amount

Is this ever going to be addressed? I feel like Shield blocking has been outdated since T1. As a class wearing(visually) heavy plate armor and carrying a giant shield it should be the tankiest class in the game if it wants to be. Maybe there IS a super tank build(not going to pretend I know Crusaders inside and out) but from what I've seen, nothing that hot.

My friends Monk absolutely craps on my Crusaders chest when he wants to go defensive. Looking at the skills and gears available to us I cannot fathom ever reaching the 600+ million toughness he can get to(I want to say he can get up to over 800 million now).

A big part of this is how futile shields feel. I can have a 75% block chance and still get mauled. 23k damage blocked, seriously? I know that Blood Brother is pretty good at helping but seeing as how many of Crusaders build defining affixes come on Flails you can't always get to use it.

So has Blizz stated anything about boosting shield block rates on the PTR or looking into it or anything? It's just kind of ridiculous and discouraging and makes my shield feel like less of a shield and more of a stat stick.
Since they added GRifts blocking has been kind of a joke because they deal a ridiculous amount more than the piddly 20k your shield can block. With the cube you can do a fairly decent "tank" build but it requires a lot of specific pieces which means you will just be a tank who can't do damage. While that is nice if you do want a pure tank build, blocking for every single other build is still garbage. The issues blocking has had since day one (outside of the sad block amount) is that it only works on melee/ranged attacks, everything elemental will still hit you.

I don't think Blizz has mentioned anything about blocking from what I can remember.
I created a thread in the PTR forum awhile back. You can go show some support for it.
I would like to see Crusader shields, compared to normal shields, have a significantly higher block % and block amount, and maybe a higher armor bonus to show that they are towering, large, thick and heavy shields that actually have distinguished attribute increases compared to an ordinary shield.
Start of the season I was all in on Crusader. My reason was to be the ultimate tank that could wade hip deep into a room full of bad guys. I stopped playing months ago after hitting around 530 PL and folding like a piece of toilet paper in a flushed toilet when it hit the fan. Still waiting on being the tank needed to crush high GL.
As long as they make it % based block amount, idc. it's the most obvious choice for GRift lvl 60 enemy dmg output.

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