Crusader Is Underpowered - Feedback/Rant

Note: I want to lay my bias on the table right now. I love the Crusader. Some of his skills like Fist of the Heavens and Shield Bash are really cool, and a lot of his passives are cool too, but I really do feel like he is underpowered. Let me list the following issues for him:

Issue #1: Wrath

I feel like many of his Wrath costs are too high for how much Wrath the Crusader is actually given, and how much he regenerates per second is only about 50% of what it should be. I would strongly recommend lowering all Wrath costs by 25-50%. Currently, the only way to optimally play the Crusader is using sets that severely lower the Wrath costs of skills, such as Akkhan's, Piro Marella, Golden Flense, Gyralcon's Foote, or Drakon's Lesson. Without these Legendary items, the Crusader is nearly unplayable with the Wrath costs of these skills. Additionally, very few skills and passives lower or refund Wrath costs in any way, and those which do don't help enough to alleviate the Crusader's Wrath issues without the use of certain Legendaries or Set items. I want to see new skill runes and passives that lower the Wrath cost of skills, increase Wrath regeneration, or refund part of the Wrath cost.

Issue #2: Cooldowns

I feel like the Crusader is far too dependent on cooldowns that cripple him to a point where players may become discouraged to use certain skills because of them. I recommend lowering the cooldowns of skills by 25% or so to make those skills more worth using, or adding skill runes that lower the cooldowns of those skills whilst replacing those which could be deemed useless or unpopular by players. A Crusader should not be forced to sacrifice damage or toughness so they can lower their cooldowns via gems or gear attributes. The previous statement also applies to reducing resource costs. It's simply unfair to the class when other classes are not forced into doing such actions.

Issue #3: Damage

I feel like many of the Crusader's skills do not deal enough damage when taking their cooldown timers or Wrath costs into account. I strongly recommend a damage increase of many of his skills to make them worth the cooldowns and/or Wrath costs that they require. The skills in particular that require this change, I will leave to the decision of Blizzard. The previous statement also applies to the first two issues.

The verdict:

Overall, the Crusader has amazing potential, but currently, he does not reach that potential and it's a shame. I feel like he could be so much better with the possible changes i've listed, and he could truly become a class that is of equal power and respect to the other classes. Again, I love the Crusader but he is greatly underpowered at the moment.
i'd like to see some wrath and damage improvements

Pretty sure my crusader has lady bits. Otherwise I think i'm sexually confused.
I have no issues with the crusader. My non-seasonal crusader can do GR 51 SOLO no problem (got a problem with 52 though), and my gear can have some improvements, as I only have 2 legendary gems :(.
I don't know about the next build in 2.3 though, never been a fan of blessed hammer.
I certainly agree the Crusader is underpowered. I for one would love to see the damage of spenders increased. It would be great if Fist of Heavens hit like a Fist rather than a sneeze.
08/11/2015 03:18 PMPosted by Melkmann
I certainly agree the Crusader is underpowered. I for one would love to see the damage of spenders increased. It would be great if Fist of Heavens hit like a Fist rather than a sneeze.

I've though that as well. I'm not sure about the upcoming patch - the cube will be great, though I'm a little underwhelmed with the new skills (hammers) - i though there would be a little more innovation for our class. Though it's free and beggars can't be choosers.
One thing that would have been nice with the new Seeker set would be some build variety. Instead of gearing the entire set around Hammers, they could have structured set bonuses for multiple spenders, similarly to the monk set buffs. For instance, if it had bonuses to Hammers OR Fists, and also buffed Falling Sword OR Bombardment (let's say), it would definitely add a lot of variety to builds.

I just use Bombardment as an example, but it would create nice Synergy with the flail and belt. Besides, Bombardment in its current state is a pathetic cooldown skill when compared with what other classes have. You would think a giant meteor would/should wreck things, similarly to the way a Tal wizard's do.

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