Need Help With Crusader On T6

Hi, I'm asking here for any help with the Crusader from anyone who has a lot of experience with the class. See, I'm looking to do Torment 6 private or public games with him to grind for XP and Legendary/Set Items, but I can't deal enough damage, and Wrath is an issue for me right now. Are there any builds that deal a good amount of damage and use low or moderate amounts of Wrath? Toughness is not an issue for me, as I can use the Prophet rune on Akarat's Champion. It's just dealing enough damage to the enemy so that I can grind Torment 6 effectively and efficiently.

Unfortunately most of our builds are high wrath spenders. But just about all of them can do T6 pretty well.

You have full Akkhan which is a great start.

Give this a read over if you can and figure out where you want to go from there:

I would recommend Condemn or Stampede as good starting builds.
Thanks for the advice, Jako. I already tried a Pony/Stampede build but it wasn't doing enough damage in T6 for me, and I've had no luck finding the Blade of Prophecy for Condemn, but I do have the shield. I ultimately went with the Shield Bash/Sweep Attack build because it uses very little Wrath and deals adequate damage for me to farm T6 either alone or in a public game fairly effectively. I no longer have any serious Wrath issues as Shield Glare and Provoke keep it up near-constantly, and Piro Marella, Drakon's Lesson, Cindercoat, and Roland's Set makes Shield Bash a very powerful and low cost skill for me. I can't wait to get that Legendary two-handed flail Golden Flense that gives me 4-6 Wrath for each enemy hit by Sweep Attack and the helm piece for Roland's then my build will ultimately be complete.

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