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Hi all

For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that.

Link is at the top of the following post:

Version History
1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3.
1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes.
1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions
1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast.
1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm
1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected.

- Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support.
- Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming.
- All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc

I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, ended up using it to play Heroes of the Storm as well.

I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming.

Just a note, I use a PS4 gamepad, as I do need to use the trackpad for inventory management and go through menus, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated
Does this work for a MAC? If so, donations in bound!
And to clarify - I am sure you are not asking for Donations, but I have been scouring the internet to find something to make this controller friendly, and our options on a Mac and extremely limited.
Oh, sorry, windows only.
very great tool. I got all classes on PS4, paragon 400 so can compare gameplay wise,

Did some tests on PC + DS4 (as DH) and after two tweaks - left analog radius to 200 and potion key with 1 skill key - its really great

Im tired of hacked items on ps4 (thanx to stupid ps3 save import) but kept play on PS4 because diablo + 55 TV + pad is great

Now gonna start new season on PC+TV with this tool and gamepad - its that good

Could you add "guide" pad button (on ds4 its playstation button) as well? then we can map one more stuff we want to:)
Unfortunately, I can't, that button doesn't register on windows as a normal button, so we can't remap it.

However, if you use inputMapper for a ps4 gamepad (or a similar tool for the ps3 gamepad), you can remap that button directly in that app.

And I'm really happy that the tool has been useful for some : )
Any TOS / EULA conflicts? Is there any interaction with Diablo 3 directly -- reading / writing? Screen overlay if used in virtual mode?
@SilverFox: Not as far as I know, the tool only does direct mapping from Gamepad to Keyboard/Mouse, and there's no support for Macros or Turbo functions, so long as the game doesn't play itself it should be ok, and that's what's happening here.

The tool also does not hook into the game video buffer or processes either.

The VirtualAim function creates it's own directx window and draws on it with only the info provided by the tool and your input, I've seen some cases where this window gets behind the game window and you won't see the crosshair, but you can simply alt+tab and select the overlay window again and it's fixed.

The advantage of the independent window is precisely that we don't mess with any of the game processes, the disadvantage is that we can't support true fullscreen and the issue I explained above which is fortunately just slightly annoying but doesn't happen very often (unless you keep alt tabing away from the game while it's running, so again, not very often)

Sorry it took this long to reply
Edit: Video of gameplay with tool https://youtu.be/59RflytQkoU

So far I am having a little bit of fun with this on a PS4 Controller.

I am using DS4Windows which lets me use the top portion of the controller as a touchpad, which I find much easier for managing inventory with and clicking non game things.

As a wizard, I just wish I could modify certain keys to make the ellipse bigger. When I want to teleport, I need the elipse to be larger, and that is really the only problem I have with this.

I want the elipse to remain small because it feels much easier to control that way, but I need to keep it large if I want my teleport to remain useful. It is too tricky to let go of the left analog and switch to the right analog for teleporting when it is on a ~1 second cast timer.

Otherwise, this is a big element of fun that I wish was supported by the game itself. Sometimes I want to just play casually, and a controller does that much better. Thanks for this tool.

Virtual Aim just instantly crashes, but maybe that is a result of Windows 10, or using the DS4Windows tool and having a conflict there.
I would like to ask a question regarding the resolution of the screen . Unfortunately i cant get the tool to work fine with my screen . I have a square monitor 1280x1024 and none of the preset resolutions works for me . I tried to setup it myself but i got an error and the tool closed . Any ideas ? I never got into diablo but recently i got DS4 controler and i want to have some fun with it . Thank you in advance .
I managed to get a custom resolution by typing (Xres)x(Yres) with mine. You just click that "+" symbol and add your own.

I did 1360x768 to use it on my TV for a bit, and it worked fine. I will say that the game is not easier with controller than a mouse/keyboard, but with DS4Windows, you always have a trackpad for the really hard to do stuff.
Hey brettmurf

It shouldn't be a conflict with DS4Windows as I used that before, though now I use InputMapper for the ps4 gamepad.

On win10 I had to copy the directX dlls into the tool's folder. I copied ones form a win7 I had on another machine.


and their corresponding xml files.

Installing directx on win10 didn't work, so I'm not sure what would be the right solution here.
Probably updating the app to use something else for the overlay, but going win10 specific might break other versions? not sure, something I have to check on eventually.

hopefully you can set that up, virtualAim helps a lot with having a small ellipse for movement, and then a wide ellipse on the right analog for aiming without breaking your movement.
Thx Dude best tool i have found so far and i tried them all (Pinnacle,Xpadder,D3gamepad and so on)
works perfectly.
Had to change the settings though since the default ones where not centered for some reason (24" 1080p screen,win10) here are my settings if someone needs them: http://i.imgur.com/nU9X07D.png
Its probably a good tool but when I start it all it says at the bottom is "Device 0 is not connected. And I have my PS4 controller connected via bluetooth im running Win 7 .net framework 4.6. Does it have to be usb or what else am I missing?
For the ps4 controller you need some intermediate app or driver so it's recognized by the system as an Xbox controller (xinput).

I personally use: https://inputmapper.com/ , I highly recommend it.

Once it's recognized as an xbox gamepad by your system, you should be able to use it with the app

Hope it helps
Hi Weberto, i have a question for you.

I don't undertand how to walk correctly, i would like to use the L analog stick to move like on PS4 but i can't, the solution is to use the R stick or the trackpad to imput the direction.

Is there any solution to use L stick instead of R stick?

Hey Raoulteub

Yes, you should be able to walk with L-stick

Make sure you check what's the key binding on diablo3 for the move key, this is a key that when pressed, the character will start moving in the direction of the cursor. Let's assume the M key is setup.

On the tool left Analog settings, you need to set that key on the keyboard dropdown menu, right below the radius settings, also set the keep pressed checkbox as marked (to prevent sending multiple key events, some games kick you when this happens)

That should allow you to walk while just moving the left analog stick.

Hope this helps
this is something i have wanted for along time

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