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Device 0 is not connected. I have SVEN gamepad. I can play DarkSouls ElderScrolls and other games with it. Your program and inputmapper can't recogbize my gamepad. Help pls
Just wanted to thank you for this awesome tool. My carpal tunnel makes it very hard for me to play keyboard-based games for long sessions, and XPadder doesn't work well with D3. This is perfect and deserves more attention.

I just found out about this and it is excellent! What a great tool, thanks a ton. Saving me so much headache trying to get it working with generic mappers, this just works.
This is probably the best you're going to get as far as controller support for D3 goes. It is still a bit difficult to aim skills, pick up loot, and interact with things (doors, etc), but this is due to D3's design, not the tool. The interaction issue, and to a small degree loot issue, can be improved by reducing the radius for the left analog (move) stick. But, I will be sticking with GRs when using this tool, with builds that don't require precise aim.

I'm on Windows 10, using a PS3 controller via SCP driver. To use Virtual Aim I had to install this DirectX re-distributable package from Microsoft:


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