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i finally got into a game, and the program crashed when I switched from windowed mode to full-screen. I pressed 'apply' instead of 'accept' maybe this has something to do with it?

i'm on 10.10.3
NaderShah, if you reset your settings using the Desktop App are you able to launch the game again?

    1. Open the Desktop App.
    2. Click on the Logo > Settings.
    3. Choose the Game Settings tab.
    4. Under Diablo III, select Reset In-Game Options.
    5. Click Done, and try relaunching Diablo.

If the game still won't launch, please collect the crash code that you're shown and paste it here. I'll look up your crash and see what's going on.
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It relaunches without a problem. Sorry this was supposed to be in PTR bug report. I posted it in the wrong sub-forum.

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