Zunimassa's new 2 set bonus

Witch Doctor
•Zunimassa's Haunt
•Has been redesigned
•(2) Set Bonus
•Now also reduces the cooldown of Fetish Army by 80%

Drilling down on this small footnote in the patch notes, is anyone else considering how to put a fetish ambush build together at the rate you should be able to spam this now with smk?

I've been playing with items like halcyon and strongarm to deal with and take advantage of being in melee which you could easily cube. I wasn't sure whether Z6 was the best approach to the build but homunculus will be available on the weapon cube slot to take advantage of as well or the new manajuma's and hex to deal with taunted elites.

Melee pet aoe seems a pipe dream but there might be something in it now?
With the new changes to crowd control, halcyon doesn't work on white mobs any more.
Has anyone done any testing with grim reaper with fetish builds.
If the mimic's attack trigger the zuni 6 bonus, we might have a solution to AoE by putting acid cloud on the skill bar.

Mimic's might not trigger the zuni six bonus, since skills used by the mimics don't use mana, they might not be considered "mana spenders" so won't trigger the zuni 6 bonus.
07/06/2015 07:20 AMPosted by DVDMaster
With the new changes to crowd control, halcyon doesn't work on white mobs any more.

Darn, I figured only tiki would be out. Can't go melee if you're getting constantly whacked. Thanks for checking.
07/06/2015 08:50 AMPosted by Shameless
Its not important if the mimic trigger the Z6 proc, but it is important if the mimic benefits the pet damag bonus. I have yet to test it out. Will see.

Last post I read from DoubleTwist about it was that they did not trigger nor benefit from zuni, but they did benefit from HT 6p/necrosis debuff.
One of the problems with using acid cloud as AOE damage/Z6 proc with a pet build is the mana issues. You just can't spam AC enough. I was hoping if grim reaper mimics would trigger the Z6 bonus, then I could put piranado and AC on the skill bar and cube the grim reaper mask and have the mimics spam AC and piranado.

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