Xp multiply in GR like on PC ?

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I know that PC can equip items that give boost to xp and it multiply instead of simply adding it to the 1600% at T6. So is there a similar thing on console or someting else that help with XP.

I did some experiment with the bracers that give xp as you pick up gold with the boon gem but im not to sure if it's worth it.

Any tips on XP farming ?
Best I can think of is a high level gem of ease in your weapon with a socketed Leorics crown that "doubles" the red gem bonus experience coupled with hellfire amulet/ring that offers additional 45%.... Or just join a public game for a few minutes and you will be paragon 500 before you even know what's happening.
So bonus for group play is that high eh !??
nah. public games are just full of modders with crazy weapons that will cause you to level up with a quickness. Should you choose this path... just understand that you will be judged. Grown men will cry about how you choose to play the game you paid money for, AND ummm... that's about it. Just don't open a new post tomorrow saying "so i joined a public game and BAM... level 8 million. WHAT HAPPENED!!?!?!?"

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