2.3 videos: WoD, HT, Carnevil, Chicken, Chantodo

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Made a few videos showing some reworked skill, legendary and sets:

Witch doctor:
WD's skill Wall of Zombies reworked: Wall of Death

Helltooth Harness reworked:
Greatly buffs the damage of Zombie Bear and Acid Cloud. WD's spendor builds are competitive at high level greater rifts now!

Manajuma's Way reworked (now it is the Angry Chicken set!):
Now WDs mobility can be competitive with other classes! Excellent for speed run / split bounties!

Legendary voodoo mask Carnevil reworked:

Chantodo's Resolve reworked:

Also made two videos about Kanai's Cube:
How to obtain Kanai's Cube; new area: The Ruins of Sescheron
This video shows how to obtain the Kanai's Cube, as well as several subquests and triggered events in the new area: The Ruins of Sescheron.

The second video is probably more informative:
Kanai's Cube guide
This video demostrates some recipes of the Kanai's Cube. There are also tips about using the cube.

Enjoy! =)

-- WakemanD3
Thanks for the info. Nicely commented vids.
Thanks! =)
Just completed the new Witch Doctor set: Spirit of Arachyr:

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