Unable to complete season journey destroyer

Bug Report

I am not able to progress season journey beyond destroyer. My last outstanding item in the list is to cube 50 item properties and I have done that. Game recognizes that I achieved this quest however does not put a check on the journey list and I am stuck.

Is there something that I am missing or any other issue with the game. Seems to me like a bug and several people have experienced this issue.

Thank you,
It's an issue with the server recognizing the achievement for some reason. To get it to trigger properly, extracting another legendary power should work in a new game.
I have the same issue. I've seen others reporting it taking ~10 more extractions to get the checkbox because it possibly doesn't recognize class-specific items and/or rings.

Well... I now have 83 / 100 Legendary powers extracted using Kanai's cube. I have the Level 50 Cubist achievement. I do not have a checkbox in Season Journey Destroyer tab for 50 extractions.

This bug is pretty frustrating for completionists. :-\

Breakdown of my collection of 83 Legendary powers as seen by my Monk:
  • 28 weapons
  • 40 armor pieces
  • 7 jewelry pieces
  • This means my Monk can equip 75 Legendary powers, disproving theories it has to be seen by 1 character. This also disproves the theory of it (solely) not counting rings & amulets.
    same problem here.. its an bug...

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