Why does this game feel dead?

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So I am not talking about server population... It's an extremely dead feeling when entering a town or in a group. It's like you're disconnected from other players. Even being in a guild the game feels dead. Game is fun it's just this dead feeling I get when I play...

In d2 the community is right in your face, you can see other players in the lobby and rooms that are created and the towns for some odd reason in that game feel more alive. It's rather depressing... LOL.

This is the only game that makes me feel I am separated from the in game community. Even with the chat in the bottom left corner doesn't really help in getting the sense of community. Oh well...
Different games are different. That and Blizzard is working to eradicate "toxicity", which means less venues for socialization and higher punishments for those that step outside of safe social interactions.
cuz youre supposed to find your set, play some t10 rifts and then back to WoW. game feels dead and is un-social for a reason. they know that 99% of the d3 playerbase are WoW players.
I have a great time with friends and guild mates and even randoms.
Well, other than the fact that the game is pretty faceroll, you don't need to depend on team mates. People split up willy nilly, split bounties, speed runs leaving the slow behind. Sometimes there is sharing of gear, but only the sloppy seconds. No means of any real trading, and my once thriving clan is pretty bare bones and we never (or at least I never) interact with them.

Ways to making game less disconnected:
-some form of trading, perhaps free trade among clan members only. Even if you find something awesome solo you could give it to someone for something you need in return.
-complicated boss fights. Pull from any mmo for ideas. Example: Diablo puts a person in a prison, if you don't break them free they die, in 5 seconds (they are stunned and can't break out themselves). Quite easy to implement, makes you feel more like a team.
-No pvp. I don't care about pvp, but it would clearly add some deep social aspects if there was pvp.
You know whats funny everytime I enter public game, no one talks. It's a bit eerie like everyone knows what to do and their place. Sometimes they stad there like zombies, soon as you open the rift portal they all run to it. So weird lol...

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