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I've been checking some ring options to compete with with Bastions of Will, and I was wondering if Manald Heal with a SoJ both rolled for max discipline would do the job. Each of them can roll up to 10 discipline, which would result in a 300% damage for an UE DH. However, I find it odd that every UE DH I see is still using Bastions. Is there any difference in the way both setups scale? I mean, even using one of these rings would beat the 100% damage from Bastions' set bonus if they both scale equally considering I just alternate between evasive fire and MS with my UE setup, resulting in a 150%. Am I missing something here?
I think a perfect rolled SOJ would be a good replacement. but the manald is lacking.

I'll explain myself a little
Think of the disc multiplier as part of one big pool of damage multiplier. So say you already have 70 disc in your pool. Adding another 10 brings you up to 80. So 80/70 is your increase, which is only about a 14% increase.

Where the Bastions bonus is separate. So when it doubles your dmg, it's like having your pool go from 70 to 140.

The SoJ, because it also has elemental damage, and Elite damage, each of those add another nice multiplier. I think you don't see people using them because it would be pretty clutch to roll a perfect one.

But yes, I've been wondering the same thing. It would make the most sense to me, that a Unity, SoJ (with disc) combo, would out perform Bastions in Solo. You'd also have the possibility of running the build without a generator in this case. For example, if you used Calamity to mark for death with Mortal Enemy.
Not even close:

5.1 Why Focus and Restraint and not two Discipline Rings when using UE6? You would think that using two Discipline Rings, such as Manald Heal and Stone of Jordan would provide more damage then Focus and Restraint because the value gained is so much higher, but this demonstrates the affect of stacking to much bonus Damage in one category. Even though F&R and UE6 are all exclusive multipliers, it is best to mix in as many as possible because there damage contributions will also be boosted by other multiplicative damage bonuses.

Lets say your weapon deals 1000 damage and you currently have 81 discipline(30 base, 36 from gear, 15 from invigoration)
=1000 * (1 + (Discipline * UE%/Disc) * 0.01)
=1000 * (1 + (81 * 15) * 0.01)
=1000 * 13.15
=13,150% Damage

We will now add in Manald Heal and SoJ with another 24 discipline, so a new total of 105:
=1000 * (1 + (105 * 15) * 0.01)
=1000 * 16.75
=16,750% Damage

Now lets look at F&R. We will now be back to 81 discipline but each ring provides 50% Multiplicative Damage so our equation will look like:
=1000 * (1 + (Discipline * UE%/Disc) * 0.01) * (1 + (Focus) * 0.01) * (1 + (Restraint) * 0.01)
=1000 * (1 + (81 * 15) * 0.01) * (1 + (50) * 0.01) * (1 + (50) * 0.01)
=1000 * 13.15 * 1.5 * 1.5
=29,588% Damage
It's funny that every second Thread is about that topic. In US and EU forums.

F+R is the best, is it that difficult to find out in the forums?

Ok, now I will look forward on the next Yang reroll Thread... :-)
09/10/2015 08:19 AMPosted by DooMino
Ok, now I will look forward on the next Yang reroll Thread... :-)

And there are at least 2 good guides on how to roll a Yang now too lol
Thanks for clarifying this out. I had the chance to try both MH and a SoJ and they unfortunately don't even come close. With both leg rings my crits were around 300-400m. When I equipped Bastions, they went up to 900m+, which is pretty ridiculous. I guess I'm just tired of being forced into sets, heh. Oh well... thanks again.

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