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OsoVega, you've been invited.

brodis669, you're currently in a clan and need to quit that one first before it allows me to invite you. I added you for now, so message me in-game when you get a chance.

Oh, we only have a few spots left and I just found out we're listed in the Top 100 Diablo 3 clans on the in-game search. I get like 10 SC requests each day :/

I'd be interested in joining. Played since Diablo 1 and finally am giving Hardcore a try. One of the last things for me to do.
Invited. Clan is now full. (150 is still the max :( )

Thanks all!
Would be interested in joining if a spot opens up.
I'm currently in a clan (90% play SC) and have been looking for a HC clan.
I too am interested if something opens. I'm just coming back for Season 4 now.
We recently removed a few softcore players from our roster which opened up a few spots. I invited you Erockdood. ten, you need to leave your clan first, I added you, message me when you're online.


I'm loooking for a HC clan as well. If you have a spot I'd like to join.

@Deathdragon - my clan died off awhile back and I'm very interested in joining if a spot opens up.

Thanks much in advance if you can find a spot.
Welcome Ravlaor!

Servo -- you've been invited.

@Deathdragon - New to the whole Seasons thing but wanna contribute to a group. I would love a spot if you have any available.

Thanks in advance, either way.
invited blaze.
Are there any spots available? Have just returned from an extended fieldwork and would like a party.
Baconator420#1628, new to HC but love it so far. (Aside from dying to a bug in my first char...)
Sure, both invited.
Thank you, much appreciated.
We have a few spots open if anyone still needs a HC Seasonal only clan. Reply with your BattleTag, thanks!
Invited grubberry. Welcome! :)

What class are you all going to start with in Season 5?
WD or barb

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