Bandit Shrine still exist?

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Just ran into one, which was my 2nd encounter since the nerf.

Carelessly clicked on it and the whole party was in shock.
Ive seen 3. With the first one, I clicked it before looking and had no idea what was happening. Way too many gobs got away from me before I figured it out. The last was when I was leveling a friend. I smoked every gob as soon as it spawned. The place was just littered with loot.
09/10/2015 06:37 PMPosted by Tyvalir
Their current appearance rate makes them more of a sudden and unexpected delight, which was always the intent behind them. Hope that helps! :)

Their current appearance rate is more like "almost never" I've run into multiple gob packs... I've even had BACK-TO-BACK cow rifts this season. Not ONE bandit shrine.

Sh-t's bugged, yo. Check into it. Unless you want it to be a once-in-a-season occurrence, which then I ask of you: Why bother?
So THAT'S why those goblins spawned out of nowhere!! I had no idea where they were coming from the few times this happened to me this season.

Good to know. (:
Never understood blizz thinking on these kind of things, you make an fun event in a game, yet make it next to non existent to find?

You already have botters geared up wreaking the game, why not throw a bone to us legit players who haven't seen these yet, and let us have some fun?
I have gotten a few of them. I got 2 of them in a 10 minute span and a Greed portal. They are rare to the point of "Oh that's nice" when I find one. My only issue is I am just spam clicking shrines so I am not ready for what comes out lol.
Found two in the past 3-4 days.
I can't even believe that people whined about bandit shrines so much that they nerfed them to oblivion. Seriously, we can't have anything nice. I have no clue how people can imagine that "ruin your fun" because sometimes some goblins get away.

People can't imagine "some goblins get away" being better than "no goblins for you" I am amazed.
I wonder why is there a shrine for goblins when you can just put them in the map. lol

09/11/2015 09:47 AMPosted by Tyvalir
That makes sense - I've had my share of accidental clicks on these shrines before realizing what they are (since they're visually identical to others). Will pass this on!

Please also pass on the rate of spawn. As many posts in this thread has mentioned:

You can find Greed's Realm, Cow Level, and (yes all inclusive) Goblin Packs more often than you can a Bandit Shrine. Evaluating the return values of each of these, Bandit Shrine isn't better at all. As it stands with it similar to other shrines, one will likely lose out on most of the goblins if not ready.

All the above factors indicate clearly, the fix needs to be fixed.
While I agree they were too common right after the patch was released, now they are too damn rare. Can't we find a reasonable spawn rate somewhere in the middle of the two extremes?
i feel like im the only one who sees Bandit Shrines....

i average 1-3 a day playing usualyl only an hour or 2

they dont seem so rare that i never see em but im also not seeing so many im tripping over them

i think its all RNG guys!

alot of you are probably just getting VERY unlucky while some of us are doing alright

so far in season 4 im not even paragon 100 but ive already gotten at least 10 bandit shrines, probly closer to 20...and 1 time i did get the portal to the Vault by sheer luck because i only managed to kill 3 of the goblins thanks to the map i was in making it impossible to chase them down before the others got away
It's not RNG, the very start of this season i saw, 3-4 of them in one Rift and a few doing Bounties. I never saw one again. I find more Goblins, Vaults, than bandit Shrines.
09/11/2015 07:58 PMPosted by Lavos
i average 1-3 a day playing usualyl only an hour or 2

If what you saying is true, then the gap between your frequency against most of the posts in this thread in itself is evidence we need to look at this issue.

Don't get me wrong, D3 is quite fun and I enjoy it with or without Bandit Shrines. That said, I'd enjoy it that much more chasing after them solo or with friends :)
well i dont really have any reason to make somethin like that its not a 100% chance that ill find one in a 2 hour play session but i do find at least 1 more often than not...but it also depends on what im doing, i dont think they can spawn in rifts but i could be wrong about that so citation needed on that

ive only ever seen them doing bounty runs and for me at least their somewhat uncommon but also not as rare as a portal to the Vault

and im not sure its really cause to investigate...sometimes RNG is rough like that, and i sincerely disbeleive the majority of the claims that people "have not found a single one since the hotfix"

even if you get bad RNG your bound to find one on rare occasion so forgive my skepticism about people claiming to have found absolutely none after 300+ paragon levels...i just find that a bit difficult to beleive is accurate

i think alot of people are just overthinking this...D3 has alot of RNG, always has and always will, and i know its rough sometimes, thats the nature of RNG

but people also love to try and look for reasons as to why things happen the way they do...even if said reasons arent real and/or accurate..but often "good luck" or "bad luck" arent reasons that tend to satisfy people so they search for other reasons

its just human nature to try to find an alternative explanation other than "just plain luck"

im not trying to say we should rule out any kinks in the system, but we also shouldnt just assume theres a problem somewhere...theres no real evidence either way, it could be a bug somewhere, but it could just be bad luck with RNG

im the kinda guy who doesnt like to jump to conclusions
and sorry Zabrosky but your claim of only seeing 3-4 pre-season doesnt disprove that it could be RNG...sometimes RNG blesses you with luck, other times you get 1 hell of a dry spell with nothing for quite a while

just because you saw 3-4 prior to season 4 doesnt really prove anything...maybe you had a streak of luck then it faded, RNG can easily do that

Kadala is a great example, she has a 10% chance to give a legendary or set item, but ive had times where shes given me 3 legendary or set items in 200-300 shards and others where i didnt get a single one in 2000 shards, spent on armor mind you, the cheap stuff

but with RNG or a % Chance like with Kadala you NEVER have a guarantee of getting anything...what happens happens, everytime you spend Shards on kadala your re-rolling that 10% chance out of a fresh pool of odds so it really is all up to luck with her regarding that

but bandit shrines probly are similar - all the diff types of Shrines are competing for a chance to spawn, some are more rare than others by design...but this means when a shrine spawns it could be any single kind, this also means theres a layer of RNG and luck along with that
09/10/2015 06:37 PMPosted by Tyvalir
09/09/2015 07:58 AMPosted by GatElttab
Can someone confirm they are not only fossils at this point?

Bandit Shrines are very real! Their spawn rate was bugged on the PTR, which caused them to appear way more often than intended. Since they are an unlisted feature in Patch 2.3.0, the fix to them was also not mentioned anywhere in the patch notes.

Their current appearance rate makes them more of a sudden and unexpected delight, which was always the intent behind them. Hope that helps! :)

Paragon 600 in seasons, no bandit shrine yet...

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