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Since 1997 - Diablo 1
Though warcraft 2 was my first blizzard game still have all the games cds.
first blizzard game = rock and roll racing on my snes

and blackthorne on PC when piracy was so rampant you could walk into a store and pay $1 for bootleg floppy disks.
then warcraft 1, 2, heck i tihnk i played every single game made by blizzard minus hearthstone (i think magic the gathering players are a bunch of losers, LOL)

started 1997 with diablo 1. had no idea what type of gameplay i would expect. i was soooo bad at it tho, took me a while to beat the game. played online for 2 hours until i got town PK'd. broke the game disc and never played diablo 1 after that, LOL.

diablo 2 i got it on release day 1999. played single player, beat it and did not touch online at all.

LOD i got in 2002. beat campaign and played a little bit of online..........until i found that darn buriza for my amazon back then. that changed EVERYTHING. one thing led to another and before i knew it i was a regular PVP'er. i basicaly learned and memorized all aspects of the game, drop tables, break points, etc.

i think i played d2 until 2010. on and off.

oh yeah, there's a reason why i played d2 for 8 years. hate to say it, but trading and PVP.
Started playing D1 on my cousin's pc in 97, when D2 was announced I decided it was worth getting my own pc seeing how I loved D1 so much, didn't started playing online till Lod 1.08, was completely hooked on bnet till the end of 1.10, servers really started going down hill by then. I play D3 for two or three months before its time to take a break.
December 31, 1996.
Launch day of the first Diablo game. Constistantly each Diablo installment since then.
So almost solid for 19 years now, haha.

I have played blizzard games since the original warcraft RTS, and that whole franchise until Warcraft3. Never touched WoW and never will. :P
09/10/2015 02:30 PMPosted by Chorro
oh yeah, there's a reason why i played d2 for 8 years. hate to say it, but trading and PVP.

SAME!!!! loved pvp. THAT was my endgame, not grinding ladders to lvl 99, killing Baal over and over for months... most were bots anyway. I loved theory crafting builds so well that i could send lower level alts into pvp games and decimate high levels to their dismay. :) hehe Gearing for that goal was always a fun grind.

HINT HINT to blizzard if you want player retention!!
How Long Has Diablo Been Playing You

I have played all Diablo versions 1 thru ROS. Did Warcraft for a while, but just Diablo now. Mostly solo, but with my son-in-law at least once a week.
Started with Diablo v1.00 Shareware. I think it was 1996. Played all versions since then.
........since the day it came out on PC. Once D3 came out on console, I was playing it non stop on that. Now that Season 4 has started, I am non stop on the PC. I just love this game and everything that Blizzard is doing to it!
D1 OG here.
09/10/2015 02:40 PMPosted by derps
December 31, 1996.
Launch day of the first Diablo game. Constistantly each Diablo installment since then.
So almost solid for 19 years now, haha.

Yea I remember being in teh store with my Dad it would have probably been around the same time between christmas and the first week of January, he kind of detested computer games, but he knew what i wanted. I remember spending a solid hour making sure I made the right decision, and I did end up getting the other game (Carmageddon) at a later date.

After 5 years of trying I had convinced my other fam to finally get a real computer, 200mhz Pentium.
I had a bunch of games before that, but Diablo was my first "IBM Compatible" game.

Hopefully people from blizz will read this so i will just throw something out there, Caves levels 9-12 were awesome especially Magma Demons and the sound of them off in the distance.
Also I haven't seen Steel Knights in what seems like aeons - make it happen please :)
wow Thanks for all Your imputs and comments that's pretty cool. I tried to play Diablo on line with others but when I did and I could kill the monsters the other players would run and steal all the loot before I could*lol* I was looking for the Reaper Of Souls guide book at Walmart but couldn't find it so I found it here and probably will order it from the shop here. Ya I remember the Boats in D1 too*lol* I tried to get into WOW but just went back to Diablo instead.
Since Day 1, Diablo 1. I've played each one and their xpack for a couple of years and then the interest fades and I put it up. It seems like I've played Diablo 3 and ROS a little longer than the other ones. Maybe because I waited for it to come out so long and this version will probably be the last one I play. If they take their normal route of many years before the next one comes out I may be too old for D 4.
I had a copy of Diablo sitting in a desk drawer from 1998 but didnt get around to finally playing it til 2000. And omfg i realized i couldve been playing this for all these years?!?!? Then in the summer of 2000 I purchased my first battle chest and the rest is history...
I've been playing since they first released Diablo 1 on the Playstation 1. Me and a friend of mine used to stay up all night long just playing Diablo 1 at his house on the weekends.

When Diablo 2 came out I was able to buy a copy but I didn't own a computer that could play it so I put it on another friends computer. Since it was basically like getting a free copy of the game for him he didn't mind me coming by and playing it whenever I had some time.

I've played every iteration of Diablo since Diablo 1. I think the only game I've played more of than Diablo would probably be the Warcraft series....oh and possibly Socom. I used to play the crap out of those games. Soooo many hours of my life spent shooting digital Navy Seals and terrorists.
09/10/2015 03:40 PMPosted by Erickson
I've been playing since they first released Diablo 1 on the Playstation 1.

The spell 'Flash' was really bad !@# on PS, it was crummy port but still a ton of fun compared to every other game on PS and that couch co-op.

Also has the apocalypse spell available to learn which PC only had on teh Hellfire expansion. Apocalypse and Flash ftw.
I started with Diablo 1 back in 1997 and as birthday gift from my dad along with Breath of Fire 3. I still have and play both games to this day.
Played D1 enough to kill Diablo(warrior and rogue, if memory serves, didn't really care for sorcerer).

Then D2 a few months after it came out. Then I got LoD almost as soon as it was released. Ended up buying a Diablo Battlechest for my second computer, so my grandson and I could play together when he came over to spend the night, mostly online, sometimes offline. Loved Necro, Barb and Zon(but did try them all. Had a 94 barb that, sadly got erased accidently(got in too big of a hurry). Had a 96 lightning javazon. The Necro was around 90 and caused me to get PK'd a few times because of the army. They wouldn't SAY anything about it, just go hostile and find me and kill me. Got to where I would password games for playing the Necro and just play with my grandson and a few friends or even solo, but online. I found a stuffed cow that was about a foot tall and stood upright and made a polearm for him and gave it to my grandson for his birthday one year.

I was at Best Buy at midnight on release of D3(preordered CE), ended up buying another copy for the other comp(not CE) so my grandson and I could play. Immediately bought 2 copies of RoS. My grandson has his own copy now for his comp, but not much time to play with his grandpa. His job, college, and new girlfriend are more important, and rightly so. I don't complain, just treasure the time I DO get. Briefly had another grandson(a cousin) playing with us, but he lost interest for whatever reason, then his dad took the computer back because his quit working and we lost touch just as RoS came out and he was beginning to show some interest again.
'97. Necromancer and Demon Hunter are my classes.

P.S. Ironfist58 is an awesome dude.
I bought a new computer that could run Diablo 1 before it was out in the stores. Bought it the week it came out. Installed it and the rest is history. I played offline solo...always. Bought every version they made since. Had no idea of playing online. Did my thing and was very very happy in my ignorance. When ROS came out my teenagers taught me that playing online was all about and I evolved.
I have it on ps3 also. I am realizing what I missed but am enjoying seasons and the new patches.
Being able to play my beloved necromancer would be a perfect way to bring it all back around. Bring a way to play all the old versions into our new world. Play through from the beginning, right up through 2.3.

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