how long have you been playing Diablo

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Been playing since Diablo 1. I think I was around 14 or 15 when I first played it.
Diablo I. 2 months after launch.
Diablo 1 highest difficulty level.. where the mobs came back alive after a while.. lol

ok time to fess up.. what was with D2.. and drop hack.. no really it always was a sorc teleporting to ya drops a crystal sword and bam.. game would crash.. anyone explain that?

I have played all versions of this game.. D2 necro General with his massive army still my fav.
Played D1 when it first came out. I remember playing the demo on some some CD of demos that came with a PC Gamer magazine when I was something like 9-10 years old.

Of course played D2 and expansion.

Been playing D3 since beta baby!
Not exactly day one however I have been playing since the first Diablo. I was playing Warcraft long before that but not around the Lost Vikings or Blackthorne times. I've played loads of games since and will continue to in the future. I haven't really totally given up on Blizzard's games yet but am not totally impressed with anything in Warcraft or Starcraft as of late. I really do hope they make a big comeback to their former glory.
My uncle let me play Diablo 1, he started me off in some cave, and It was only light around my character, the rest was very dark, I was too afraid to move. That was my first experience.
I played Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction with my friends many years after it came out, because my friends wanted to revist the game a bit. I had fun playing a Hammer Paladin - was it a paladin? I don't remember.
I played the D3 beta on that same friend's computer and bought the game when it was released. It was him, his brother, and me as our team. I was a DH, they were Wizard and a Monk. I remember we would aggro guys from another platform and widdle them down slowly, and in the last 10% HP we would equip our Magic Find gear to get better loot. rofl.
I spent a lot of money on the RMAH buying things like Mempo of Twilight and Manticore.
My friends lost interest, but I kept playing. When reaper of souls came out, I played alone, but after a while I bought the expansion for the one friend's brother so he would play with me. He rolled a monk and I was still a Demon Hunter. He lost interest again pretty quickly, but I still play to this day!
how long have you been playing Diablo

Since day 1, 1996.
Played the original Diablo, was too young to quite grasp it. Played Diablo II, pretty much just played cheesy summon Necro every time. Diablo III, no real favorites - classes are a lot more homogeneous and watered down than previous games.
I played the Necromancer once it was pretty cool but I ended up back with the barbarian. I get so caught up in playing this that I lose all track of the time and so many hours end up going by*lol*

I still wonder if a Diablo 4 will ever come out..
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December 31, 1996.
Launch day of the first Diablo game. Constistantly each Diablo installment since then.
So almost solid for 19 years now, haha.

Yea I remember being in teh store with my Dad it would have probably been around the same time between christmas and the first week of January, he kind of detested computer games, but he knew what i wanted. I remember spending a solid hour making sure I made the right decision, and I did end up getting the other game (Carmageddon) at a later date.

After 5 years of trying I had convinced my other fam to finally get a real computer, 200mhz Pentium.
I had a bunch of games before that, but Diablo was my first "IBM Compatible" game.

Oh yea and with the memories coming flooding back - I actually used to pack said Pentium 200 into a large bag and i would cycle that sucker with peripherals 14km's into the country and me and a mate would tcp/ip connect the hell out of that game.

good times.
I've also wondered how many Adults have been hooked on this game, compared to kids and teenagers... for me I'm in my 50's but my body feels so much Older*lol* I don't think I'd ever get tired of playing Diablo.

When I first started playing Diablo I remember how many times Diablo actually killed my character when trying to kill him left me so frustrated when everytime my character died I had to go all the way back just to pick up all my weapons and armor plus my body I hated that*lol* so I had to click on my "portal back to town" before I went up against the big Monsters... Anyone else ever have that problem when playing D1?... now I can go up against Diablo and wipe him out*L*

Maybe someone can help me out with this question... is there anywhere in this Reaper Of Souls game that you can end up with Malthael's weapons? Maybe it's just me but I always thought once You have killed the big enemy's we should get their weapons.. I've also noticed that during the "Normal" adventure level Your continuously doing the SAME places such as Act 1-4" but I do click to do other "bonus" places.. I've been wondering about the "Uber" bosses who will drop 4 organs to do the Infernal they only Drop them in the "Torment Difficulty" Level?

I haven't made it to the Torment Difficulty level yet I'm still searching for better and stronger weapons before I go any higher then where I am*lol*
Played D1 in PS, played D2 wayback 2001 and I think that 1.09 was the golden age of D2, played D3 since day 1 then quit 1 month after RoS, at that moment I saw that the game is turning more into WoW, and the previous and current patch are the proof of that.
I've played a little bit of Diablo 1 as a casual (beat the game with each class and a couple times in local co-op).

Started playing D2 on late 2000s and (imagine a wall of text here, that even involved carrying a CRT monitor once in a while to play on TCP/IP, mind you..)

After a while playing D2 without breaks (10 years+), I started to take breaks every 2 months or so. I was still playing D2 a couple weeks before D3's release and I play a few months/take breaks since then.
I played D1 and beat it on normal then picked up Diablo 2 shortly after it came out and played that + the expansion for 7 solid years before getting annoyed with spam bots. I bought D3 the day it came out and have played on and off since then. It's not as good as I had hoped but I got my money's worth out of it. D2: LoD was the best of the series in my opinion.
I alpha tested Diablo, whilst working with OSI on UO. I also was involved with Sierra's Realms some years later and had the opportunity to check out Hellfire before the ex-pack released. So as early as Summer 1994/5 if memory serves (Southern Hemisphere).
I played Diablo from the start, all the way back to Diablo 1, 1 january 1997.

So I'm almost celebrating my 20 year anniversary..:)
Personally, I played the original demo of D1 before it was released. I don't remember the exact timeframe, though. It was the late 90s, I know that -- I was still in college.

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I played Diablo from the start, all the way back to Diablo 1, 1 january 1997.

So I'm almost celebrating my 20 year anniversary..:)

(Happy Anniversary on Your 20 years*S*)
Started from D1 BNET days till now.

Diablo series is still the best ARPG out there even till today.

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