I need some Uliana's Monk help

hello ladies & gentleman

I am planning to rock the cookie cutter Uliana's build, part of which involves cubing the broken promise ring and having a minimal base CC

My issue is this: I am going to use Wreath of Lightning as a gem.. which leads me to this question:

do hits from wreath of lightning count towards the proc of broken promises?

and if not

is there another cubed item you would recommend for this build aside from broken promises?

inb4 "get rid of wreath of lightning" : If I don't shoot out lightning like Thor, son of Odin, I won't have fun.

Cheers mates :D
You know this is the Crusader forum, right? Posting in the Monk forum would probably get you better results. I know the forums have been acting funky and have been putting people's posts in the wrong place, so I'm going to assume that's what happened here.

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