looking advice on my uliana monk

is there anything i can change on my current gear to help me push higher in grifts?

currently ive done a 48 in roughly 10 minutes. i can certainly push higher but the thing is death is not an issue. i don't die its just my damage is starting to slow way down.

i need to reforge my focus (games being stubborn and won't drop another) and i have a couple gems to upgrade. ive been debating the usefulness of the area damage on my gear. i know at this point i really really need some ancient weapons but drops have been complete turds this season. im not even finding duplicate set pieces.

just looking for suggestions, or heck even a way to use the cube to get some better gear that ive overlooked. ive used so many death breaths............sigh.
Your crit hit damage is a bit low but that shouldn't stop you. Honestly it probably comes down to how you play and your luck at getting high density maps. I don't even have a fist of az, but if I do it right I can clear g52 with plenty of time to spare.
i would put in max upgraded dex gems in your chest/leg slots and then work on getting your leg gems upgraded more. though you may want to swap out your madstone for spirit guards by switching the gems.

the gems will help immensely. your gogok is only 29 and trapped at 38, so i would really hammer out those GRs to level those. if you only solo then this can be slightly tedious b/c you'll hit a cap where your upgrades will sit at 60%, and by blizzard math 60% is more like every 20%.

then as you say, trying to upgrade ancient. it's where a lot of people give up or try something new b/c finding good ancient rolls is also a very tedious process.
i run spirit guards in the cube when pushing grifts. madstone was when i was doing a couple quicker lower level runs. ya ive thought about dropping in all max dex gems. ill just have to try it and see how it affects my ability to stay alive haha. if i reforge the focus and upgrade the two weapon gems theres about another 70% chd left on the table.

so you think the area damage should stay?
How much all res should we be aiming for in 50+ rifts? Trying to see if I should drop my diamonds for emeralds I'm at like 11-1200 ish
why are you using taeguk? it doesn't work with this build at all.
You new need rings, critdmg CDR focus/restraint. Remove any crit chance you have asap, that will really boost your damage.

Try to keep an eye on either yellow numbers or your charactersheet to see when your BD procs, then use SSS.

Ancient weapons will help alot and Spiritguards into Emeralds in items.

I am personally stuck around 58 with my gear, I think practice helps more than gear when you're pushing 55+
I think you are on a right track; your gear needs some upgrade, that's all.

You should be able to push GR 50ish as your current gear for sure but 60+ requires decent amount of DPS output, it might be difficult at this stage.

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