Please fix the single digit FPS

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PS4 should be next gen. Either it is not or blizzard doesn't care that much about the horrible performance.

It was bad before but with the WD sets it has become unbarable... Next gen gaming shouldn't feel like a slide show with massive input lag because of the degraded performance.

So my question is this: I'm sure blizzard is aware of these issues and are they planning on finally addressing these in a future patch?
Helltooth lag is horrible on PC as well. Blizzard is working on a fix. They made mention a few times during their q and a yesterday. In fact the lead programmer is playing wd at the moment, so he has plenty of motivation to fix it.
Yeah, I've been experiencing a ton of lag since the new torments have been out. Running a poison pet build with mimics, acid cloud, 24 pets. The rifts / grifts aren't to horrible as far as lag, but trying to speed farm on T8+ is just plain horrible. As soon as my mimics start acid clouding/blobbing all over the place I have trouble moving. Meaning I start at the top of the screen, the next movement I see is myself at the bottom of the current screen. I have read some reports on the forum about the trouble people are having on the pc with helltooth builds in parties in grifts, but I never expected it from solo play. I can speak for the PC version because I honestly haven't touched it since I got it on Xbox. Hopefully things can come around for it because I love playing my WD.
It's an issue with the coding of the calculations. It's not lag per se, which is why it affects single player. The processor bogs down. It bogs down blizzard's servers which is a pretty big feat.
They made mention of it for PC users.. No mention or acknowledgement at all for console (ps4) users... It's like they are simply ignoring it.

Lag was already bad before 2.3 so I doubt they even bother.

And no, console users don't have a connection to blizzard servers doing any sort of calculations, that has nothing to do with it for console users.
I was juuuust coming here to ask about this as well. When I have the boon of the hoarder on for instance on my DH I get the slide show effect and my ps4 fans start to sound like jet engines.

Would be great if the performance could be better optimized for console. Not sure if xbox1 have the same problem?

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