Phantasm stuck in a wall in Plague Tunnels?

Bug Report
I was doing a bounty in the Plague Tunnels, and had one single enemy left. Followed my minimap to a little corner, and lo and behold, there it was; an enraged phantasm that was too shy to appear.

Sat there for a little while waiting to see if it'd pop out, casted a bunch of AOE spells, wandered around the small map, all to no avail. It didn't make any noises or anything, so the only way I knew it was there was because of the minimap.

I don't really know any way to reproduce it, cus it just seems like bad luck.
But now you know.
Same thing just happened to me. But i was about to take a screenshot when i finished reading your thread and i loaded back into D3 but my Templar had killed the stuck enemy.
This needs fixed. Super-annoying to finish an entire act's bounties only to miss out on my caches because of this. My Enraged Apparition was the third in a champion pack at the start of Plague Tunnels level 2, and after I killed two of them it just completely left the area and his skull is not even visible on the minimap anywhere after clearing the rest of the level.
Same problem. The map says "Enraged Phantasm", but he's either coward or stuck behind the wall.
So frustrating:
Confirm bug. I was able to kill it with Rain of Vengeance, however.

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