Bane of the stricken and myken ball of hate?

Has anyone tested how these two interact with each other? When electrocute hits the same enemy more than once per cast, does bane of the stricken proc same amount of times or only once on the target?
After scouring the forums I have come to the conclusion that you only gain one proc per cast of electrocute. Reason being that people talk about there being an internal cooldown on the gem.

Offtopic: why is a mechanic like internal cooldown completely hidden from the player?? It seems like a really relevant piece of information for items.
As far as I am aware Bane will stack per hit on the target. If you hit the target 4 times in one attack it will stack 4 stacks on the target. There is a youtube video of a DH player testing this with Vault. Electrocute only bounces between targets though so it will not hit the same enemy more than once if there are no other enemies around regardless of what Orb you use.

EDIT: I don't believe the gem has an ICD. The ICD that people mention is because the gem procs off of things with a proc coefficient. Proc coefficient procs have a natural ICD so that you can't get 1000 within a second and instantly kill something. The ICD shouldn't be relevant to Electrocute however as the speed at which it jumps has nothing to do with your IAS.
Sorry for resurrecting the thread but I have kind of a related question.

First of all I wonder if the faster attackspeed of electrocute effects stricken (in comparison to MM, Spectral Blade and Shock Pulse)
I don't know how much faster it attacks but it seems like almost double the attackspeed. Easiest way to compare them is to use the arcane dynamo passive. Also passives like prodigy or the new belt which gives up to 12 AP for each hit. All those things are even better/faster if paired with electrocute.

now the question is if electrocute also stacks stricken faster (more often over time).

regarding the myken ball of hate, i think it's the same as with other item effects (like Wand of Woh). The additional hits from items won't count toward proc coefficients. So you cannot proc anything with those additional hits (no loh, no apoc, no dmg reflect, etc.) but activate skills or dmg buffs such as orb of infinite depth, firebird 4pc, etc.
Bane of the stirken's internal cooldown is set to your sheet attack speed. It doesn't matter how many ticks a given attack produces per cast.

Shame of Delsere and Fragment of Destiny's attack rate bonus will lower Bane of the Striken's internal cooldown to match your true attack rate with the spells that benefit from the attack rate bonus.
roger that.

but there is still confusion when using no skills which benefits / utilizes attack speed in the first place. such as explosive blast, arcane orbit, ...
how can i know how effective my stricken will be?
if I lets say use EB, arcane orbit and black hole in a build (2 cd skills, 1 skill with a natural skill cooldown limitation) does the number of stricken stack still increase when I increase my attackspeed?

As far as I know now I can stack stricken once every second with an attack speed of 1.00.
So in that build I need to cast EB or black hole every second OR the natural cooldown of arcane orbit needs to "proc".
with an attackspeed of 1.50 (which is more realistic) I need to do this every 0.66 seconds so that I won't "lose" stricken stacks.
it absolutely makes no sense with such kind of builds...
also any complementary skill will never (!) stack stricken in the first place when using a primary attack (since it already attacks accurately to your attackspeed)
01/25/2016 12:44 PMPosted by Horrax
does the number of stricken stack still increase when I increase my attackspeed?


It is still tied to attack speed even when using cooldown spells and spells that hit multiple times per cast. Attack speed basically acts as the gem's cooldown, except in the cases of shame of delsere and fragment of destiny.

But yeah, if you're using exclusively spells that don't attack at your attack speed you will have to account for frequency phasing errors or lost opportunities to proc it at the maximum rate. Though having multiple ticks or sources of damage all going off all the of them will trigger it so you'll still likely get a pretty close approximation to the true max.
ok. thanks for your replies.
overall that gem is a bad thing. it's just a lock when pushing greater rifts. and the tooltips in game are bad since the beginning (e.g. "there is a chance" being a low proc coefficients,...), so is it for the stricken gem.
people who don't search the internet for infos could still guess that stricken increases the damage against every mob with every hit in AOE situations.

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