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Ive looked back 20 pages and only see blue post on stupid crap. Ummm what? Post on something productive. Might be a little tough but i have faith in you pony boy. When you wake up in the morning and go to your dresser to get pants make sure its your big boy pants. Just saying answer real question. Scheck out.....
They'll surely post more now!

Calling them names and acting like a 4 year old always works!

Why didn't anyone else think to approach life this way? We've all been missing out.
Awe man you called me a 4 year old dang.... ill be up all night thinking about that...thanks man...
As you may have heard last week, finding the combinations of skills and situations that cause lag is an ongoing process that requires us to be very thorough. The more details we have, the faster we can drill down to what's causing it, so this is great info to have.

For those adding their reports to the above, if you could share what skills were being used when the lag occurred, whether you were on a particular map or facing a particular enemy, and any other details you're able to include, that would help.

I'll go ahead and forward this thread. Many thanks, everyone!

Edit: Also wanted to link to John Yang's comments about the Helltooth Set specifically. In short, we've fixed some problems with it, and we're continuing to optimize it.

Yeah, this sure is a trivial post...
You look back 20 pages for something that is stickied on the first page of every main forum... I hope you don't search for mats as efficiently as you search the forums.

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