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Hi guys,

I've looked through the forums and did a google search for this issue but haven't come up with anything, and I can't seem to find a way to actually email in about the problem I've had today. I was looking through the forums/ on my phone today and submitted some feedback to one of the support topics, but realised that probably wasn't the best way to go, so I'm raising it here.

I was playing campaign on PS4 today (Sunday 23/08/2015), when a barbarian joined me. He dropped a 2H sword, which I curiously picked up and equipped. I instantly levelled up into the hundreds of paragon levels. In confusion I quit the game, and inspected the sword. It had a gem of ease that gave 100 million exp per kill!

I'm relatively new to end-game having played D3 years ago on PC and only now just picking it up again on PS4, so I can't be totally sure, but surely a gem of ease like that isn't legit? If not, I'm in the position of now having got near 300 paragon levels, and would really like to roll my character back to the level 68 I was before this dude dropped his sword of infinite XP. It's kinda killed the progression through the game for me. To be fair even if it is legit and he got the most ridiculous RNG drop in gaming history, I'd still be grateful if you could let me know if it's possible to roll my character back, without having to wipe all my data? I'll live with it if this dude hasn't somehow modded the game, but otherwise it's pretty dodgy.

Look forward to hearing from you.
PS4 multiplayer is full of people using modded/hacked items. These are cheats that are against the terms of service and as you may have notice ruin the game by removing any semblance of difficulty or progression.

To roll your character back you'd have to load a prior save such as from an external USB or from your Playstation Plus cloud save.

Playing online games with strangers is as dangerous as having sex with strangers or opening email extensions from strangers... Protect yourself or you're probably going to be affected negatively.

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