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The following post says that you can work around the Yosemite mouse issues by toggling "Confine Mouse Cursor":

Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be good advice since there isn't such an option in Diablo 3's settings menus. Help?
I am looking for this too.
When I play D3 with my Mac, mouse occasionally stop responding for 1-2 second and back on.
Very irritating .
The same problem still relevant :)
How to turn confine mouse cursor off in D3?
Hey PurpleZerg,

This is a really old thread so I'm going to go ahead and lock it.

This said, there is the option to turn off confine mouse cursor in the Video Options, look for a check box called "Lock Cursor". If that doesn't help, please start a new thread with details of the issue and what troubleshooting has been tried.

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