Wrong attack speed with Flying Dragon in Cube

Bug Report
The attack speed is calculated wrong when you use the legendary power of Flying Dragon in the Cube (and use a weapon that has a different attack speed than 1.15 attacks per second)

The additional attack speed bonus you get from Flying Dragon buff is calculated based on the attack speed of the Flying Dragon itself (1.15 attacks per second) instead of the weapon you are actually using.

Example 1:
+0% attack speed bonus; Using a Weapon with 1.0 attack per second
Flying Dragon Buff will make you attack 2.15 times per second (1.0+1.15)
although if it would work properly u should attack just 2 times per second (1.0 * 2)
-> a slow weapon like the Furnace gets a bigger Buff than it should

Example 2:
+40% attack speed bonus; Using a weapon with 1.5 attacks per second
Buff makes you attack 3.71 times ( [1.5+1.15] * 140%)
should be 4.2 (1.5 * 2 * 140%)
-> using fast weapons like 2 one-handed weapons will make you attack slower than you should
I am seeing the same thing with my seasonal monk.
With a resting sheet APS of 2.09, the highest my APS ever increases to is 2.51, rather than 4.18, or at least greater than 3.x.

Please look into this and let me know if this is indeed a bug, or something is wrong with my thinking.

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