is bnet off line?

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No Diablo 3 in Texas =(
yup ... tis a silly place and it's down...
waw glad im not the only one ... seems like the server was down
I bet California servers are in the ocean.
You know, metaphorically, we are like the equivalent of sucking on utters and the milk suddenly runs dry so going to the forums is like us "crying" because we are out of milk... See this is the crap that happens when I don't stay stimulated... DAMN YOU BNET@!@!!!!@!@!@
Happens all too frequently in patch 2.3. Never drop items on the ground. I lost half an inventory of ancients due to trying to use kadala for 8 seconds. Of course, I got "Error 4" and the game disconnected.

Also, act 5 seems to have major issues where the game crashes to desktop during bounties, etc.

Why are the servers so unstable?
Why would you have ancients on the ground? I mean this is a new season... are you that of a hoarder?

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