Ancient Serpent Sparker-what to reroll?

Hello, asking for my wife who just last night dropped an ancient SS for her Tal Rasha's set wizard. It rolled with pretty good damage roll at something like 2800 damage without and dmg % bonus rolled on it, intelligence and vitality rolled on it and like 24K LOH. No socket yet but will use a gift on it. What should be rerolled and to what? I'm wondering if just taking of vit or LOH for dmg % is best or not. Also, she really struggles with recovery in fights but I'm thinking LOH since the redesign is not good for this much anyway since it's only on cast right? No big heals from blizzard raining down, correct?

Any suggestions about life sustain for her would be great too, thanks! I normally roll melee classes so don't know what to do!
That's not a fantastic roll. What build is she interested in playing? Does she have one in the cube yet?

I'd say either Life on Hit or Vit to attack speed. If she plays DelRasha, I'd say life on hit is better than Vit, because you'd have to lose Vit on two other slots to get that much life on hit, which would be more of a vit loss. And with DelRasha, you're spamming magic missile or shock pulse to reset the slow time cooldown, so the life on hit would be working a lot. Having a lot of LoH can let you drop gizzard for another DPS gem.
For Tals I would drop the Life on Hit. Life on Hit works as Life on Attack and does not work with periodic DoTs. I'm also fairly certain it doesn't work with the Tals meteors but even if it did you would only get 1 proc per meteor. I personally use the Lightning Hydras and Fire Electrocute but I'm also fairly sure Life on Hit doesn't work with Hydras either. Also she should probably cube Aether Walker if she will be using the SS.

Survivability for a Wizard boils down to good use of Teleport, gems, passives, and defensives. Personally if I am in fear of my life I take Blur and Unstable Anomaly passives and use Energy Armor: Force Armor to mitigate 1 hit KOs. I also like using String of Ears for the melee damage reduction and Ancient Parthan Defenders along with Zei's Stone rank 25+ for the DR. Also, if I am steamrolling through the mobs I generally take Dominance as the shield almost never drops off.

Alternatively (although this can be very annoying for some people) you can use Taeguk plus enough Cost Reduction to be able to build stacks with Blizzard: Snowbound. Taeguk will provide decent (read: decent) overall DR while Tals itself provides Elemental DR. At the same time Taeguk provides much needed damage so you can use it as a defensive and offensive gem. The only problem is that you need to build the stacks and they fall off after 3 seconds. If you have enough Cost Reduction (which is not hard to achieve) you will actually gain AP while using Blizzard. The frustrating part is that if you forget to keep up the stacks for one second you have to start all over (and there's 50+ stacks depending on your gem level).

As a Tals Wizard as long as you keep up your 4 stacks the majority of your damage taken will be melee, physical, and poison damage. Stay away from poison effects as you have no way to defend against them and just use melee damage DR along with Energy Armor: Force Armor and you should be fine.

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