Need Helltooth advice for reaching GR60

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I was wondering if any of you guys can give me some advice on WD and help me reach GR60. I managed to clear GR54 so far but had some problems with it, maybe I can clear 55 with good density and using Unity but I've been upgrading my gear the best I can and GR60 still seems kinda far.

Any ideas on what to change? Should I get more crit damage? Or maybe using another gem on the headgear since cdr isn't that important with this set.

Any advice would be welcome! :D
your weapon is really bad, reroll area damage on it to 10% damage atleast.

you also need swampland attunement. you would swamp out confidence ritual for it until you get a hellfire amulet and can use both.
1. get hellfire amu so that you can have swampland as a passive skill
2. get 150-200 more paragons
3. upgrade gems
4. upgrade weapon and off-hand
Nice, thanks!

Yeah, been trying to get a better Thing of the Deep with the cube but no luck atm, seems like the Hellfire amulet is key to reach those higher GRs, been farming a few but no luck, gonna have do some intense farming on that to get a good one.

Can't really do much about the weapon untill I get another gift since I used the one I had on that one, but now that you guys mentioned it, it does seems kinda weak. :P

Any more advice is still welcome, and thanks again for all the help. :)
I would also consider dropped Gizzard for Bane of the Stricken gem. Big DPS boost to help push those high GRs.
09/07/2015 04:36 PMPosted by Hohum
I would also consider dropped Gizzard for Bane of the Stricken gem. Big DPS boost to help push those high GRs.

Is it? Max I've done is 59 and even then the RG didn't seem a big part of the rift to dedicate a gem to it. You shouldn't be fighting yellows for the most part or isolated mobs until the RG, so I don't see how it helps anywhere else.

To OP, you must use Swampland Attunement. Combined with Piranhado and big herds of mobs, you can tank through an amazing amount.

Your damage rolls on that Maras are pretty mediocre, but the 5th passive for WD isn't that great. I would probably give it up for Poison immunity until you can get closer to 10/100. Then again, I pretty much hate Pierce the Veil, so maybe I'm biased. (I don't find Gruesome Feast stacks high enough as you push into the upper 50s to be worth it.)
Im stuck in the 50's myself.
For the first time ever I find spirit vessel isn't needed. Swampland attunement will keep you alive better than spirit vessel will. You need this passive. Its not optional. Drop gruesome feast if you can't live without spirit vessel but I've found I don't need it because I just don't get killed. You are losing way too much damage having vitality on your rings , they should have chc and chd. You don't need the diamond in your helm, change that to amethyst and it will help offset the loss of vit on your rings. Other than that, obviously try to get a better weapon, mojo and a hellfire amulet.
You should change to acid cloud build. Higher dps and can tank better than bear.
You should reach level 58+ after changing to acid cloud. After that, you need many pieces of ancient and a great hellfire amulet with solid 5th passive to reach grift 62+
Your damage is way too low. You need same toughness (around 16 million) and at least 1.4 million DPS to reach grfit 62/63+
So many good advices! Thanks guys!

I managed to clear GR55 yesterday with some ease thanks to all the help, I rerolled some stats and found a good Focus ring, not ancient but was better than what I had.
I also did some farming for Hellfire Amulets but all of them sucked... 10 crafts and only got a decent one for a pet build, has Peirce the Veil passive, so using that instead of Confidence Ritual in the meantime till I get one with the passive I need.

With all that my thougness is around 23mil and my DPS jumped from 900k to 1.3mil so I'm getting there!

I'm not a fan of Acid Cloud but might try it since I have an ancient staff for that on my stash, need to look at rolls though. Still trying to get an ancient Thing of the Deep and Belt of Tans but cube hasn't been nice with rolls.

I'm going to level my gems to at least 50 and farm more for that Hellfire ammy before trying to push GR again. :D

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