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Greetings all

Here is the new 2.3 Barb compendium with new an improved features.

Should anybody like anything added. Same rules as before, please post request and link in this thread. Please ensure you maintain your thread, if you dont actively reply or manage your thread, I will not include it in the compendium. If you would like a thread re-added from the archive, I need the OP of the thread to post that request. This ensure's he/she is still active on the forums and can maintain it.


List of structural changes for 2.3
1. Build guides, unchanged,
2. FAQs now moved to top and calculators/videos now added to assist FAQs.
3. Stats, calculations etc now broken down. All calculators moved to the new FAQ and Calculators section. All discussions and theorycrafting now reside here. Title adjusted to reflect new purpose and the old one just sucked. Section moved to 3rd place.
4. Popular threads name adjusted to Popular threads and other info. So as to link all external reference material here rather than lump them in with the former stats section.
5. PTR section added to provide a reference area on PTR testing for 2.3.
6. Archive section added. All previous Compendium content was moved here.

Going forward, I indent to do the same each PTR. Which is archive all compendium information and start from scratch. All previous archived information will be deleted to make room.
Thank you very much for this CC. Well done mate.

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