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You still got Lags with the new Helltooth set.
Blizzard really need to fix it or else were dead next season.
The Lag is not only in group play in solo you got the same lags too.

Heres one Lag example:
yeah.. me too. Idk it could survive during highGR with group. Solo still can play. But party horrible. Blizz need fix ASAP
It seems plenty of the WD bugs got ignored and went to live. The lag from helltooth and the bug to corpse spiders not benefiting from pet damage.... I've heard a few reports of the manajuma's set experiencing some of the "fixed" bugs as well *chicken not dealing the explosion damage as if it's not active*

The last thing I said was supposed to be fixed before it went live.
Direct link to lag:
Oh man, that looks horrible. It definitely has to get fixed :/
helltooth lag : no official information since months
Huge toad : no official information since months
Arachyr 6pc : no official information since months
Manajuna chicken bug : no official information since months

look like its too difficult for BLUEzzard to just come and say "working on it, hotfix coming" just in case we think that gonna be fixed in 2.4+ or never

thanks again blizzard, all these stuff are there for month.

Managed to get my hands on a near-perfect ancient suwong diviner on live and was eager to go for 67+ solo hoping the ptr lag was gone. Nope, lagged so hard everytime I engaged decent density and was even worse in groups

Really hope blizzard makes changes to the skill animations/mechanics like they did with carnevil build (assuming that's the issue), else helltooth has no place in higher GRs where pulling lots of mobs is necessary
So are there any alternative builds?
same build
less density or/and no AE damage
or 1/2 wall
or ESC button to wait for lag ends.

if blizzard smart enough, they just had to rework bracer to :
no more 3 uses.
200/300% damage
or/and -50/75% CD reduction
or/and firewall first tick proc 6pc itself (if doesnt)
or/and put : "off" ae damage on poison/firewall
or/and passive : up acidrain/zombears damage by XXX% for those who are in poison/firewall

and stuff like rework greenglobule rune from staff with "just" a kind of explosion instead of 982983729873 ticks/sec per greenglobules

need lot of engineers and months you know ? maths is hard, network engineering too.
id really like to know if they are working on this or not, theirs no point in playing wd come friday if im gonna be denied groups because of all the lag.
This is terrible, it really needs to be addressed. They are literally throwing away resources giving WD new/updated sets if we can not play them
Not surprised at all...sigh
I also made a video about this
I want to cry really. Great set, 2 strong builds and UNPLAYABLE on high GRs.

Please Blizzard, talk to us :(
Hopefully this inst another patch with the top set being unplayable :(.

Darts used to lag a lot because of 23 pets + extremely high attack speed causing server data calculation issues.

Does anyone have theorys on why Helltooth is causing the lag?
I don't see how helltooth would be that bad. Does zombie bears attack that fast? or is it something else.
08/27/2015 08:40 AMPosted by yang
Does anyone have theorys on why Helltooth is causing the lag?
I don't see how helltooth would be that bad. Does zombie bears attack that fast? or is it something else.

I belive it is necrosis or combination of necrosis and wall of death dots. Mimics cast WoD often and WD spams WoD + necrosis afterwards. Acid cloud spec is even worse, due to another aoe dot and lots of blobs...

This is insane amount of dots and they are never ends due to mimics/wd casts
Just a huge amount of data being sent each second.
such an impudence... every patch the same s*#%..... can it be so damn hard to fix that wd lagg?

edit: sticky for this!
just please, if you do try to fix this - don't kill the spec...
Watching Baskenaters stream atm. The lag is very bad :/ Hope they can actually fix this.
Carnevil lags too (have tried few 68 4p - unplayable, it was even worse than in 2.2...). !@#$ you Blizzard and your lag fixing!
This topic must be addressed.

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