Grift Fishin 65+ solo----Good God Man

Witch Doctor
09/08/2015 12:12 PMPosted by AlCalzone
09/08/2015 11:05 AMPosted by REAPER666
The amount of fishin for me to get past 65 solo is on an unreal epic level.

I mean, I run into grifts full of Ghosts, exorcists and wing assassins at epidemic frequencies.

These Ghosts are on crack man, that sucking life is so stupidly broken OP

Just my experience from the weekend summed up! The fishing went like:
Ghosts, Ghosts, Lacunis, Ghosts, Winged Assassins, Frozen blue pack, good mobs bad density, Ghosts, Lacunis, Lacunis, Winged Assassins, good rift until lvl 2, Ghosts, Frozen elite, bad density, Ghosts, Lacunis, ...

Exactly. I just uninstalled. Made gr 66 last week and have had 4 decent attempts out of 100 keys at gr 67 missing the timer my a few seconds/no conduit. Every one of the other attempts had stacks of the mobs you just mentioned or no mobs at all. I pushed leader boards in 2.2 as well and dont remember this !@#$.
09/08/2015 03:03 PMPosted by OftRepeated
yeah, I could totally clear, like 65 with that, right?

Yup, just takes >100 GR65s to find a decent rift. Not tooooo difficult to fish.
Yep, this thread just reiterates for me why hex and grave injustice are a priceless combo for constantly turning those nasty guys into little pigs. I don't see how anyone would ever try a high grift without them.
sounds like a good reason not to bother to push at all.. =/
09/08/2015 11:05 AMPosted by REAPER666
Frustrating, because I know my gear is on par or better then the lucky players above me who did clear 65+. Or I need to fish more...yay...NOT

Step your game up, Reaper. :D

J/K. I am in the same boat trying to push 67. I was fishing for non-teleporting RGs on 66, meaning I could get to almost any RG on any favorable GR with around 4min to spare. Like I was telling you, though, I cant even keep up with the timer on 67.
09/08/2015 01:00 PMPosted by REAPER666
I was hoping one shot mechanics would be the thing of the past, but alas... it remains.

Just to point out, because I know where you are coming from, but with infinite scaling the 1-shot mechanics are inevitable.

And while I hate ghosts and exorcists to no end, orbiter can place my balls upon its chin.

09/08/2015 03:03 PMPosted by OftRepeated
Then a double elite pack, then four more elite packs. Almost no trash in between. Six elites packs in the last third of the rift?

Duuuuude, I ALWAYS hit 2x elite packs and no trash when I get to 95%+. It's so damn frustrating that I just end up dying like 6 times hoping I get one of those !@#$%^- packs out the way.

In other news, fishing for 20s on my HC seasons WD...isnt a thing.
i feel like an ancient kitty is so damn good atm , allowing you to make more mistakes and keeping some not perfect rift alive.
09/08/2015 03:03 PMPosted by OftRepeated
Carn GR60+ Fishing ProtocolKeep Depths map? Leave. Too may PITA rooms.Passage to Corvus? Leave. Too many PITA rooms. (Looking at you, that one room with the !@#$ing square hole in the middle.)Lair of the Prophet map? (Inside cave with open background and yellow splats everywhere.) Leave. Too many PITA stairs.Winged Assassins? Leave.Ghosts? Leave.Insufficient density? Chase the timer for 4-5 minutes, then leave.Whole map runs from north to south, with the camera in your face? Pursue at your peril, inevitably end up leaving after too much wasted time.Succeed at too great a cost (see: Pyrrhic victory) after destroying one of your relationships through surplus misdirected rage. Spend a week farming marginal gear upgrades, then increase GR level by 1 and repeat.

love this guide
This is why I stopped pushing last season. About half way through the season was above top 50 US for WD and Barb and just got sick of fishing. This season I will try some higher ones for fun but I just don't care that much about LB's, they are more about luck than skill. I seem to have a lot more fun with the more casual play to relax. I will take a few shots here or there still.

I think if they tweaked the high end game to be more about build adjusting for success and upgrades than one shot mechanics LB's would be a lot more fun.
Has there ever been any reason given why some Grifts are filled with zombies/skeletons and others anarchs and winged assassins - or insert other combo here?

It seems that a randomized Grift, with a mixture of the various mob types would be easy to implement and be more standardized. Then, really the only thing would be looking for a favorable map.

At this point, with Carn for example, if you get a Keep Depths map with zombies it's almost as frustrating as a long tunnel map with winged assassins and anarchs.

Dunno... but it might be nice to have a more even distribution of monster packs than the heavy skew that there is now.

Just a thought...
I have not made it out of the 50's. you guys make gr60 sound more like a chore than a game. I see no reason to go through all that trouble and time to have a name on a list.

on a different note. I ran in to 2 packs of blues and a yellow today. Ice exploding and also spinning all over. like...15 purple beems spinning and getting rooted. Twas the largest accumulation of elites ive seen thus far. They also caried a huge army behind them. I thought it was some kind of special event happening in my rift or something.
09/08/2015 10:30 PMPosted by bheasty
I thought it was some kind of special event happening in my rift or something.

I lol'd
those ghosts are the worst for any carn wd and an insta NG for me....

i did like 200 68s before i finally got a dense rift with okayish mobs (even lacuni huntress are okay if the rift is dense enough). was lucky on the RG (Binder) as well

i dont think much changed from 2.2 to 2.3 (phishing-wise) its just easier to get the grift keys so phishing is more common now (and more needed to climb the LB)

NG is the new meta :/
You know what the worst thing is? Clear 65 in time for the RG, spawn Bloodmaw, burn him down to 1 second DPS worth of health, then die because Spirit Walk had a delay... 20s death timer, 24s on the clock, finish at 15:02...
Like i said it's all same !@#$.
I don't think i will be going for top100 again.
Hello everyone!

Fishing requires two lures: one for density and one for mob type. I just did r61, 62, 63 tonight and it was like this:

4x attempts at 61. First was bad density, second was bad density, third was ultimate troll lacuni/ exorcists, moral incinerators, then the fourth one i passed (boatmen, ghosts, and zombies).

3x attempts at 62. First map was full of boggits. I killed a million, man, I swear to God. No matter how many boggits you kill you can never get ahead. Second map I quit out after one minute, another ultimate troll map of lacuna, ghosts, exorcists, and the fat guys from act1 that shield others. Third attempt at 62 were act 5 hulks, act 1 betombed husks (what are they called? lmao), and act5 snakes. I agreed four elite/ champ packs at once and died enough times to have a 30sec res, went back to town to repair, got a power pylon on the rg and didn't even use the conduit that was also there and i beat it with a minute to spare. That grift had great density.

1x attempt at 63. Act 1 shamans, act 5 skeletons and maidens, act 1 betombed husks and act 1 hammer smasher dudes. Decent density. Had Orlash as the RG. Only saw one conduit at the beginning of the grift and no other pylons.

Might wait to upgrade some HT pieces to ancient before shooting for 64.

Oh, and I once tried a 54 (fifty-four) on my carndoc. Horrible experience. I don't think I'm going to try solo grifts on my carndoc ever again ha!
09/09/2015 12:06 AMPosted by Celsius
09/08/2015 10:30 PMPosted by bheasty
I thought it was some kind of special event happening in my rift or something.

I lol'd

Pre-emptive 9-11 parade?
09/08/2015 11:15 AMPosted by REAPER666
09/08/2015 11:08 AMPosted by MunQ
I remember using 800+ keys


See, I have to stop a lot, seems my mouse doesn't like being thrown against the wall so many times , so have to pause go to Best Buy get another :P

BTW my swearing has gotten so out of control that my dog barks bad words :)

Congrats and am glad you enjoy the game. :o)
I'll let ya's in on a little secret.... The narrower the paths of the particular grift map, the worse the progression. here are the reasons:

*narrow paths provide far less spawn points for mobs. all narrow path maps have low density, in both elites and amount of mobs.
*narrow paths have long distances between mobs
*narrow paths concentrate elite effects on you.
*narrow paths allow for very little control of the fight. You cant move.
*narrow paths provide very little "surface area" for your AOE's to hit mobs. (Zombie bears in a narrow path = lol)
*narrow paths often end in dead ends, with alot of back tracking.

I would love to see many of the open "above ground" area's in sanctuary, used for grifts. alls they need to is provide an arrow on the mini map for the exit. You can then strategise whether to clear the whole map or head straight for the exit.

Narrow maps are just boring and tedious and often times very frustrating.
09/09/2015 04:21 AMPosted by Sollan
Narrow maps are just boring and tedious and often times very frustrating.

+1 !!!

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