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Witch Doctor
What is currently the best way to get suwong? Is crafting it in the cube viable or would that be too unlikely?
Rerolling it in the cube, but you need lot of mats from bounties (5 each per roll) and forgotten souls (50 per roll)
The best way is crafting it from yellow to legendaries. You have 1/6 chances to get one compared to 1/8 for ceremonial daggers. I get a lot of suwong that way. Brandoo's method isn't really the best on season since your mats will be scarce.

I got ancient Suwongs and ancient DoD and ancient SMK through crafting and not rerolling. I tried both methods. Spending an entire session or day on 1 method (while short on souls or DBs) to the other.

Factor in RNG. Souls are too precious on season. I would love to craft 200 more HFAmmies, mats sitting in my cache. However having spent 1,000 souls on rerolling to get an ancient DoD, which I did not I got it from crafting, I'm soul-broke. ALWAYS.

Things you want to reroll are rare items like Witching Hour or Lacunis. Not easy to get 1/6 chance items like Suwong. I just got 3 Suwongs out of 8 stave crafts.
Think upgrading yellows to legendaries might be the easier way. This is because it is a pain having to farm all bounties to get just 8 mats for reforging legendaries which cost 5 mats & 50 souls per roll.

But if you were to upgrade yellows, you just need to have lots of death's breath and other normal mats. Took me about 1000 death's breaths to get the ancient Suwong on my WD Jak. When I ran out of death's breaths, I made use of my Aether Walker wiz to farm elites for them using the Sage set which cuts down my farming time.

Wishing you good luck! :)
I rerolled mine in the cube - took 6 rerolls to get an Ancient, but it rolled pretty nicely when it did.

The problem with upgrading 2H rare staff to legendary is that the staff item has a large pool of legendaries to roll from, and the % chance of SuWong is comparatively low. An already low % chance of a SuWong at all, even lower % chance that it's ancient.
Comes down to how many db's you can farm per hour versus souls/bounty mats. If you have a big stack of souls (non season), it almost certainly makes sense to reforge a legendary suwong. If you don't, then db farming is probably more efficient.
Thanks guys!
Assuming you want an ancient.

15% chance of Suwong for staffs (from 2.3 drop rates.)

After 50 upgrade rare rolls, you have a 53%
After 75 upgrade rare rolls, you have a 68%
After 100 upgrade rare rolls, you have a 78%

At 25 DBs a pop, you are probably looking in the range of 1500 to acquire one.

A good build can get you 600 DBs/hr

WD is definitely slower than Wizard, but you get the idea.

Shouldn't take too long.

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